Step-by-step beginner guide you must know for Hawkplay casino.

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Casino or betting site in the Philippines is hard to recognize which is the best option to enter and play. We have countless names like Casino Plus, Hawkplay with its variation, and many others. Somewhere in the Hawkplay variation, a version stands out from the rest of it. We have prepared a step-by-step guide for its audiences and those newbies entering this website, HawkplayPlus.


Hawkplayplus is one of the variation from the original name Hawkplay which no longer exist on the internet for some reason. The site provides its audiences with countless casino games and betting playstyles, bringing the casino atmosphere to players’ fingertips.

Top Philippines online casino Hawplay Plus text. Decoration, Hawkplay logo, Philippines flag, Chips, and games.

In comparison with the previous year, Hawkplay keywords have received an enormous search volume of up to 1,000,000 searches and obtained a ratio of +9,900% monthly searches changing with the same period in the previous year.

With these positive changes, the site effortlessly makes its way into the top 10 casino sites worth playing in 2023.

However, receive a massive number of players, but the site has no instructions or guide for newbies to experience this casino site more effortlessly.

Recognizing the problems, today, we come up with the best guide for HawplayPlus beginners. Let’s see what we got.


Many other casino sites require participants to provide their private information like Phone numbers, Names, Addresses, IDs, and much more. HawplayPlus makes things easier for its audiences.

When you start registering a HawplayPlus account, you can freely select the user name and password as you like, without any requirements.

Simply click the register button and set your name to the game, then you’re all set.

Next, let’s discuss the game collection of this casino site.


Some casino sites will place a specific amount of games for players to experience, but HawkplayPlus goes a different way when they input the diversity of casino niches through countless casino games.

On the site, you will see there are 7 different gameplay of HawkplayPlus, including:

  1. Slots online
  2. Bingo online
  3. Casino games
  4. Cock fighting live
  5. Fishing
  6. Sports betting
  7. Poker games

And each game category will have many playstyles followed by several tables for players to participate immediately without waiting. The most popular gameplay that receives dozen of thousands of players daily is Casino Games, Cock Fighting Live, Poker Games, and Fishing.

These games are straightforward to play, and players only need to spend a couple of minutes before knowing the game and earning real money from it. That’s why those receive an enormous amount of players participate daily.

But before you ever enter to play any games, you need to deposit a specific amount to start your journey with HawkplayPlus, which we will cover in the section below.


Not only GCash allow in HawkplayPlus, but you can also use other payment methods like Maya, Grabpay, or Bank Transfer to process your deposit. All you have to do is follow the instructions we have prepared here.

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  1. Click on Deposit
  2. Choose deposit amount
  3. Choose your payment method
  4. Provide information about your ideal payment method.
  5. Confirm

After working on these steps, your money will instantly charge, and your game account will receive a Chips amount equivalent to the total Chips you choose to deposit within minutes.

Based on your balance on the HawkplayPlus website, if you recharge for a reasonable amount, it may take you a day to play games, but if you deposit for a small amount, you will experience less than you thought. Because each game will have its minimum bet amount, and you must afford it to participate in the gameplay.

Let’s say in the circumstance when you have a winning streak, then you will think about withdrawing your money, right? Let’s move to the subsequent guide on cash out in HawkPlay.


Dissimilar to Casino Plus or Tongits Kingdom, you don’t need to provide private information to unlock the withdrawal feature such as ID, License, or Passport. In HawkplayPlus, the cashout feature is free to use, but it follows some requirements that you must know.

How to cash out to hawkplay text. Decoration hot girl, chips, logo hawkplay plus, coin, and logo GCash.


  1. The withdrawal amount needs to be in the withdrawal limit and the maximum withdrawal per day limit range.
  2. Cash-out must be above or equal to 100PHP.

Those are just simple requirements, but in some circumstances, it will bring you a hard time when thinking about withdrawing your money out of HawkplayPlus. But if you can pass the test, you totally can cash out effortlessly through your wallet by following our instructions below.


  1. Choose Withdraw feature
  2. Select your payment method
  3. Enter your cashout amount and payment method information
  4. Confirm

Cash-out is straightforward, but the time need to wait will be 5 minutes to 24 hours per transaction, thoroughly depending on how the system works.

Besides all the features being easy to use and countless casino games, many promotions meant for newbies will get your attention.

Specifically, the VIP feature could help you increase your withdrawal limit and give you hundred free Pesos weekly. It sounds engaging but requires many things to upgrade your VIP level. Let’s discuss it together.


Vip level in HawkplayPlus has over 13 levels for you to achieve, but we recommend you reach Level 5 to have the possibility to receive monthly/weekly free chips gifts.

We will break into details of the VIP level right here about the requirements to reach the desired level and the benefits of it in the image below.

Upgrading the VIP level for your account, requires you to deposit consistently and will cost you a lot of money to do it, but to enhance your cash-out limit, leveling up your VIP is the only way.


HawkplayPlus through much information we have discussed, the casino site seems like the perfect place for you to enter and give it a try, but the site is missing one of the crucial features that could help users earn massive profits daily. The feature is Referral.

The referral feature didn’t only help users to earn more profits but also connect with many other participants and create a strong community to play together. Community building is a vital portion of growing a splendid casino online.

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