Lodibet – A to Z beginner guide you must know.

A to Z beginner guide you must know for Lodibet text. Decoration hot girl, chips, logo Lodibet, and games.

The casino market is one of the game markets that receive myriad attention from the Philippines’ audiences. The site or app allows its participant to experience various casino games and earn real money online. A couple of sites like PHLWin, Casino Plus, MCW Casino, or Lodibet are always at the top of the selection.

A to Z beginner guide you must know for Lodibet text. Decoration hot girl, chips, logo Lodibet, and games.

Today, we will discover Lodibet. The site has successfully gotten the attention of the Philippines’ gambling audiences. Following up with discovering the site in detail, we also go through several essential guides on the feature and gameplay of Lodibet ph.

What is Lodibet?

Similar to PHL Win or Casino Plus, Lodibet is a gambling website that allows players to experience various casino games and earn real money when they process withdraw game currency into PHP.

We can name some popular games of Lodibet like:

  1. Mine
  2. Crash
  3. Dice
  4. Slots games
  5. Game shows
  6. Live Casino

Lodibet systems work differently when not opened for global access. Instead, they aim for a specific country based on the IP address. Don’t get the information wrong because as the Philippines’ audience, you are accessible.

Besides bringing a realistic casino atmosphere to players, Lodibet ph also provides several unique features like VIP, Referral, and Daily Tasks, which we will discover further below.

In those features, Daily Tasks and Promotions are the gifts to encouraging players that this casino site offer for beginners.

With many advantages, Lodibet soon receives much attention and support from the Philippines’ audiences. So we’ve gone through the surface information. Now we will go into even more detail.

Let’s figure out how to register an account in Lodibet.


To create a Lodibet ph account, you must be ready to provide your information like phone number, and select an easy-remember name account. Unlike many neighbors in the casino market as PHL Win and Casino Plus, Lodibet doesn’t require its users to provide any private information at the start.

You can successfully create a Lodibet ph account by following these steps:

  1. Click Register
  2. Fill out the information (User name, Password, and Phone Number)
  3. Verification
  4. Confirm

After taking this process, your account is more than ready to log in and experience the Lodibet site. But without recharge or deposit, you can’t participate in any games so far.

We will cover that by giving you the how-to deposit with gcash in Lodibet below.


Lodibet allows participants to process the transaction through a couple of payment methods that have high reputations like GCash and Maya, another choice can be Bank transfers based on users circumstance.

How to deposit to lodibet text. Decoration logo GCash, Coin, Lodibet logo.

Processing transactions like deposits through GCash or Maya will be the same steps to take, so you can follow this instruction to deposit.

Deposit with GCash or Maya in Lodibet guide:

  1. Choose the amount you want to recharge.
  2. Select payment methods (GCash – Maya)
  3. Enter GCash or Maya number.
  4. Confirm the transaction.

Within minutes, your game currency will update based on the amount you decide to recharge. Straightforward steps, but the disadvantage is the minimum deposit amount is relatively high compared to many other casino sites, up to 200PHP for your first recharge.

And in Lodibet, the amount you decide to recharge is the total balance your game wallet will have. For instance, if you choose to deposit 200PHP, then your balance will update to 200Coins for you to use.

200 coins will lose fast if you experience games continuously. This problem will irritate many people when they want to partake freely but need to consider their game currency balance.

Despite the problem, many people still got lucky and achieved many wins for cash out, and if you are one of those players, here’s come to the cash out guide of Lodibet.


The Lodibet cash-out feature works complicated, but luckily they’ve their own instructions in the withdraw feature interface to guide you on how to cash out from their game. Based on the desired payment method, the site will show you different ways to cash out.

How to cash out lodibet text. Logo Lodibet, Coins, Logo GCash, and chips.

But the minus point for this function is the limit on how many times you can withdraw in one day and the amount required as known as minimum cash out of the feature. To have those, you must upgrade your VIP by recharging your first 200PHP and receiving VIP1.

Without matching these two requirements, you can’t cash out from Lodibet.

As we have mentioned above, if you decide to recharge the minimum amount, which is 200PHP, you will upgrade your account to VIP 1, and with this level, you will have small numbers of withdrawals and a low withdrawal limit.

To improve your withdrawals and limits, the Lodibet site instructed players to upgrade their VIPs based on the requirements of each level, and there are 15 levels with different benefits also demands.

Let’s discover the Lodibet VIP function.


Level 1First deposit
Level 25,000 PHP50,000 PHP+100PHP
Level 310,000 PHP100,000 PHP+200PHP
Level 450,000 PHP500,000 PHP+400PHP
Level 5100,000 PHP1,000,000 PHP+888PHP
Level 6200,000 PHP2,000,000 PHP+1,688PHP
Level 7500,000 PHP5,000,000 PHP+3,888PHP
Level 81,000,000 PHP10,000,000 PHP+6,888PHP
Level 91,500,000 PHP15,000,000 PHP+10,888PHP
Level 102,000,000 PHP20,000,000 PHP+16,888PHP
1 Star5,000,000 PHP50,000,000 PHP+60,000PHP
2 Star10,000,000 PHP100,000,000 PHP+150,000PHP
3 Star20,000,000 PHP200,000,000 PHP+220,000PHP
4 Star50,000,000 PHP500,000,000 PHP+350,000PHP
5 Star100,000,000 PHP1,000,000,000 PHP+500,000PHP


Play games and cash out isn’t the only way to earn real money inside Lodibet, you can use your communication skills to generate profits by referring new users to the site. Simply use a link or your code to invite new users. The more players you invite, the more rewards you will earn.

Let’s take a look at the rewards of this activity.

The bonus spread widely from 100PHP to 7,000,000PHP based on how many people you can invite to their site, but there is a disadvantage to rewards like this. The players who encourage people to enter only receive prizes one-time, and if you want to receive more, you need to find more new users.

But we can easily recognize that not everyone wants to join a gambling site. This formula is also dissimilar from many other casino apps like Tongits CO, Diamond Game, or Big Win Casino.

In Tongits CO, you can invite new users with your referral code and receive a commission of up to 8% based on the new user recharge and betting amount, which means that as long as they’re still playing, you will receive your commission weekly. 

Unlike Lodibet, the rewards depend on how many people you can invite to the site, a rigid way to operate the referral feature.

But the Lodibet site has more ways for you to earn free coins than just referring new users like Daily Tasks. Let’s discover the site’s daily tasks.

Lodibet has three kinds of tasks that you can participate are:

  1. Claim Tasks
  2. Sign In Tasks
  3. Beginner Tasks

Claim Tasks will have the possibility to contain free coins and rewards that you can claim daily/weekly, or monthly promotions. It’s like the place to store your bonus coins waiting for you to receive them.

Like many other casino apps/sites, Lodibet Sign-In Tasks contain daily bonuses, 5 coins to 12 coins you can get when you are a consistent and active user of this app.

The beginner task will demand you to provide private information to complete the verification of your account, and by doing all that, Lodibet will give you a specific amount of coins.

Providing your private information through the internet has never been a clever move because internet threats are dangerous, and leaking individual information can lead to many harmful consequences.


There are full instructions on how every feature in Lodibet, and we have pointed out the disadvantages of the casino site. However, we believe that Lodibet is still one of the best casino sites that people should experience, but earning real money in the long term is a thing that needs to consider.

If you’re looking for another casino place for you to experience various casino games and safely earn real money, Tongits CO might match your requirements. Tongits CO is one of the popular tongits casino applications in the Philippines with over 13 casino games to experience. The app allows you to cash out safely and quickly through GCash – Maya wallet within seconds. To have a clear view of the app, you can browse the Tongits CO website for more information.