PHLWin new updates – How to earn real money in PHLWin?

Experience countless betting games, cash out real money through GCash, and other compelling features, all inside PHL Win. PHLWin is one of the best casino sites in the Philippines, with a player volume of up to a hundred thousand participants per day.

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We have mentioned in the previous post about 7 games of phlwin that will drive you rich, but the post is totally meant for those who are participating already. Today, we bring out the new user guide for PhlWin for those who first time know this excellent casino site.

This post will have a step-to-step guide, including:

  1. How to register an account?
  2. How to deposit the balance with GCash?
  3. How to cash out in Phlwin?
  4. How to install the Phlwin app?

Let’s jump right in.


When partaking in any game, your first step is creating an account on their server. PHLWin is no exception, but they prefer an easier way to register an account than other casino sites.

Dissimilar to Casino Plus or Tongits Kingdom, Phlwin needed you to provide your email and optimal password for the registration process. However, the process is simple to follow. Let’s learn how to create a Phlwin account.

Step-by-step of instruction on how to register a casino account

Register Phlwin account instructions:

  1. Enter your email
  2. Input your desired password
  3. Tick the 18-year-old verification.
  4. Click “Create an account”

Your account will immediately synchronize to their system, and you’ve now become one of many players in the Phlwin site/app.

But you can’t partake in any games for now, and if you want to experience the countless betting games character, you must follow the next step.


Despite PHLWin also being a casino app, it is distinct from many popular applications like Tongits CO, Tongits GO, or Big Win Casino.

When you are a first-time joiner in Tongits CO, you might find several lucky codes on many platforms like Youtube, Fanpage, or directly in their community. Tongits GO will give you daily rewards and a beginner’s package, and so do Big Win Casino.

Phlwin is the complete opposite when you need to recharge at least 200PHP for the first time to own Coins and partake in their games. 200PHP is a large number to start with.

However, the recharge system works quickly on transactions, and here is the guide on how to cash in with GCash.

Guide how to deposit to phlwin through Gcash? Logo GCash, logo Phlwin, chips.

How to deposit the Phlwin balance with Gcash:

  1. Click on the Recharge button
  2. Choose the amount (200PHP – 30000PHP)
  3. Click Recharge
  4. Select your payment methods (GCash – Paymaya)
  5. Enter your GCash/Paymaya numbers.
  6. Verification of your wallet.
  7. Done

Finishing the instructions will guarantee you receive your order within minutes, but sometimes the system will miss your information. In the mentioned circumstance, you need to contact customer support and describe your issues.


After you have deposited Coins into your balance and experienced countless betting games, somehow, you will multiply your Coins a lot. Thinking about exchanging your rewards for real money is needed.

Before you understand how to exchange your rewards for real money in PhlWin, you must know its requirements first. Let’s describe it in detail.

What is the Withdrawal fee?

The withdrawal fee is equal to 2% of the total amount you decide to cash out, and it will be minus directly from your account after the transaction has been completed.

Withdrawable amount?

The total amount of how many Coins you can exchange for real money limiting by your VIP levels.

The “Withdraw to” function

An area to verify your phone numbers to continue to withdraw.

By understanding all these notes inside the withdraw feature, you will effortlessly cash out your money through GCash by following the instructions below.

Guide how to cash out to gcash in phlwin? Logo GCash, Logo Phlwin, Chips.


  1. Click Recharge button
  2. Choose Withdraw feature
  3. Enter the amount you want to withdraw (match or below the Withdrawable amount.)
  4. Tick the Withdrawal consent statement.
  5. Fill bank info
  6. Click Withdraw

Your money will arrive in 5 minutes to 24 hours relying on the system status, but sometimes it has issues during the processing stage. After 24 hours passed, you need to contact customer support to solve your problem, or you will lose your money.

There are plenty of circumstances when players lose all their money and complaint on different platforms, so ensure you be careful when cashing out with Phlwin.


There are two ways for you to install the PhlWin app through the website or directly on the market as Appstore and GooglePlay.

How to install the Phlwin app? Logo Phlwin, chips, hot girl, install button of both Google Play and App Store.

Let’s take the guide both ways.

Install the PHL Win app through the website:

  1. Enter the Phlwin website (
  2. Scroll the left bar till reach below.
  3. Choose Applications.
  4. Install it on your computer
  5. Run it when you have completed the installation.

Download Phlwin through Appstore & Google Play:

  1. Enter Appstore/Google Play
  2. Search PhlWin
  3. Click on the install button
  4. Run it when you have completed the installation.

Afterward, you just need to follow the instructions from deposit to cash out we gave, and then you are more than ready to earn real money with Phlwin.


Despite the issues in the transaction of Phlwin, the game is still one of the best casino platforms for you to experience countless betting games, but we do prefer you to check out other options more safely. Tongits CO might be the best selection for you to earn real money online, discover more in the top 9 tongits casino online apps for the Philippines

Guarantee after reading the post, you will have more options to work with.