CASINO PLUS – Review the best Philippines casino site.

Text The casino site is for the Philippines only. Decoration Philippines flag, casino plus logo, and mockup with GCash interface.

Casino Plus PH is one of the popular online casino sites for the Philippines audiences, which means the site only allows people who own a Philippines IP to enter.

Text The casino site is for the Philippines only. Decoration Philippines flag, casino plus logo, and mockup with GCash interface.

The sites receive high search volume and participants daily, which impresses the gambling community in the Philippines.

Unlike other casino sites, CasinoPlus brings the Philippines atmosphere in everything they have designed.

They’re one of the big guys in the casino industry, and if you search for them on Youtube or Google, you will see various shows of hot girls have their names.

Today, in this post, we will have an overall review of the Casino Plus site to discover why this app receives much attention from the gambling community.


Far apart from other casino sites, Casino Plus focuses on audiences who love playing Baccarat, Slots online, and Sports betting. There is no diversity in this gambling site.

The Baccarat category owns seven tables for participants to play, and the Slots or Sports betting only holds one gameplay per category.

But as we mentioned in the first part of this post, Casino Plus demanded users to have a Philippines IP before entering their website.

And besides the IP restriction, there are several requirements you need to match before getting permission to enter the Casino Plus site.

Text Casino Plus PH Policy, decoration Casino Plus Logo. Casino Plus Policy


  1. Above 21 years old
  2. Philippines IP
  3. Deposit a specific amount of money when entering.

If you are the one who matches all the policies of Casino Plus, you are free to enter.

Nevertheless, whether you want to enter Casino Plus with a phone or computer, you will need to search it on Google and access their website to play.

Hitherto, the site didn’t have any notification about generating an application to make accessibility more convenient.

Next up is the VIP feature, which requires participants to input a vast amount to upgrade.

Without the VIP features, your daily deposit or weekly valid bet will be limited, even if you have a loss streak temporarily.

Let’s go to the next part, Casino Plus cash out.

The features work well when just needs 5-10 minutes before the money can arrive in your wallet.

You can effortlessly cash out with Casino Plus PH by following this instruction.


  1. Go to Account
  2. Click Withdrawal
  3. Choose the withdrawal amount
  4. Choose Payment Method
  5. Fill required information
  6. Confirm your cash out

But to access the withdrawal feature, you must provide your private information, including ID, License, or Passport.

Providing your private information way too detailed is unnecessary, but if you want to cash out your money, this is the only way in Casino Plus. 

Overall, the Casino Plus website is for people who trust it and are passionate about playing baccarat to collect fast money.

As we mentioned, putting your private information on online gambling sites is unnecessary and dangerous.

Lucky for you to find the right post to read if the feeling you have after reading this post is empty and you don’t know which app needs to participate.

We have a good recommendation that might get you interested.


Diversity, Profits, and Joyful are the three words used to describe Tongits CO’s nature.

Tongits CO is an acronym for Tongits Cash Out, meaning a place to earn real money online in various ways.

The app has three versions Android, IOS, and APK. Install the app within seconds of its low capacity.

Text A dream place to earning real money online with four advantages of the Tongits CO app. Tongits CO logo

To enter the Tongits CO app, you only need to register an account with the elective information, or you can participate as a guest to give it a trial first.

Tongits CO app owns more than 9+ casino games with all gambling categories like betting, card games, sabong, slots, etc. Experience freely without any restrictions.

Don’t worry about running out of Chips, because you only need 20-50PHP to recharge, then you are good to enjoy the game for the rest of your day.

Learning game tips on this website can also help you to collect more wins.

Playing and receiving countless big wins to use the cashout feature allows you to withdraw directly through GCash or Maya wallet within seconds.

The cashout feature only required you to enter your GCash or Maya number and click the confirm button. The rest, Tongits COs will handle it.

Besides playing games to exchange your rewards for real money, Tongits CO has generated the newest way to earn money in 2022.

It’s called the Referral feature of up to 40,000PHP commission weekly.

With the advantages of Tongits CO, you should hurry up on installing the app to earn a good amount of real money now!