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  • EARN MONEY APP – make money online with this app

    THE BEST EARN MONEY APP IN 2023 In the century of making money online, many applications appear with potential support users become profitable daily. We can come out with some popular application names in the Philippines like Tongits CO, Tongits GO, and Diamond Game. And today, we will discuss how to make money online with […]

  • TONGITS GAME – it’s your turn to join the best app

    JOIN THE BEST TONGITS GAME NOW! From the release day, many card game players have chosen Tongits CO to become the place for them to entertain and enjoy free time with their friends. Tongits CO is an application that has various card games, and you are free to select your playstyles from original to variant […]


    TOP 4 CARD GAME APPS YOU NEED TO HAVE Philippines traditional is monthly outstanding festivals, cultural foods, and dancing on the streets. Besides those beautiful things that the Pilipino has made, the Philippines knowing as a country where people enjoy playing card games. One of the most popular card games in the Philippines is Tongits, […]


    TONG ITS APP – THE BEST CARD GAME IN THE PHILIPPINES People used to talk about Tongits like a card game irresistibly, and once you start to play this game in any Tongits app you will mesmerizing by the gameplay. The gameplay is effortlessly to learn and fun to play with friends/family. People in the […]


    TOP CARD GAME APPLICATIONS YOU CAN’T RESIST Are you getting bored because of permanently playing the same game? If you are that guy, this post is for you, who recently started looking for new things to experience. We will show you not one or two apps but four applications you should try now. These applications […]

  • TONGITS REAL MONEY – make 500Pesos per week?

    TONGITS REAL MONEY – make 500Pesos per week?

    PLAY TONGITS REAL MONEY UP TO 500PESOS PER DAY Playing card games to earn real money these days has become a habit of many people in the Philippines, and imagine that you can receive real money while having fun with the game. Nothing it’s better than this. If you reach into this post we know […]

  • ONLINE TONGITS APP – install tongits co now!

    FIND MORE FRIENDS IN THE ONLINE TONGITS APP COMMUNITY Tongits is a fun game to play with friends and family, and for some people is to enjoy a few hands of Tongits when having free time. Playing games that can earn real money has become a habit of many people in the Philippines, but where […]

  • TONG ITS APP – receive 100Pesos with simple steps?

    THE BIGGEST GIVEAWAY EVENT FROM THE BEST TONG ITS APP. When talking about Tong its app, we can’t ignore the popularity of Tongits CO, one of the best applications for card games and withdrawal rewards for real money in the Philippines. Recently, this tong its app has generated many events to give away a ton […]

  • COLORGAME – experience the game with more wins

    COLORGAME – experience the game with more wins

    GET WIN STREAK IN COLORGAME AND RECEIVE MASSIVE CHIPS ColorGame is the most popular game in the Philippines that effortlessly play and win massive rewards. For card game players in the Philippines, this gameplay became something that couldn’t replace by any other gameplay. These days this gameplay appears in every card game app. Tongits CO […]

  • HONGKONGPOKER – these tips will help you win more!

    HONGKONGPOKER – these tips will help you win more!

    HONGKONGPOKER – TAKE NOTE OF THESE TIPS & TRICKS, AND THEY MAY HELP YOU WIN MORE MONEY. For a long time, Poker has been considered the signature of card games and all online casino applications. Each country has its own Poker rules and different gameplay from the original Poker. In Tongits CO, we’re now owning […]