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  • TONGITS CASH OUT – how to earn real money in 2022

    PLAY TONGITS & CASH OUT REAL MONEY After the Covid-19 epidemic, many people have lost their jobs because the requirement shut down places that gather a lot of people, and they start searching for online jobs or another way to earn real money at home. In the meantime, a lot of play-to-earn games are developed […]

  • TONGITS CASH OUT – New way to earn money in 2023

    TONGITS CASH OUT – EARN REAL MONEY UP TO 40,000PESOS PER WEEK. In 2023 playing games without getting something back is a waste of time, and if you entered this post it means you want to earn real money by playing games, especially card games. Introduce to you the best tongits app that owns many […]


    3CARDPOKER – EASY TO PLAY, EASY TO EARN MASSIVE CHIPS 1. What is 3CARDPOKER? Variant game of Poker based on rules and points calculations of Poker, simple gameplay with high winning rewards. Play Poker with a higher speed, easy-to-understand game rules with a lot of Chips multiple makes players reach the max satisfaction. 2. 3CARDPOKER […]

  • LUCKY9 – 89, let luckiness guide your way to big rewards

    LUCKY9 – 89, let luckiness guide your way to big rewards

    LUCKY9 – 89 REWARDS BASED ON YOUR LUCKINESS 1. What is Lucky 9 – Lucky89: The game starts with one dealer and players, each player receives two cards in hand. Results will be based on the total points in the hand of players and dealers. Max cards in hand are three cards if players didn’t […]