Tongits CO – 10 reasons you shouldn’t miss this app


Upgrade your Tongits gameplay by owning Tongits CO, the best app for card games, and Tongits online. With a lot of attractive points in gameplay and functions, we will bring you to a whole new world of card games. If those fascinating points didn’t touch your game sense let us show you 10 reasons you shouldn’t miss this special app.

10 reasons you shouldn’t miss Tongits CO

1. Playing Tongits online and popular card games:

Along with a traditional card game online, we also owned many popular card games that give players a lot of choices to have fun. Avoid feeling bored when keep playing one game.

You can try out Pusoy, the game require high tactic combined with good strategy making the game more competitive feels hard-core when playing.

Another option for you is Fruit Slots, a chilling game that was created for some people who just want to play the game the easiest way.

When you don’t know how to play the game, don’t worry. We have prepared many card game instructions for newbies, we have good take care from the newest players to the oldest.

Tongits CO - Playing Tongits online and popular card games
Tongits CO – Playing Tongits online and popular card games

2. Earn real money:

Playing Tongits receive real money? Yes, we will make your questions and what you have been looking for come true. After enjoying playing a traditional card game online with friends and exploring many popular card games, it’s time to exchange your rewards for real money.
High-speed transactions from Chips to Pesos only take a few seconds.

Play Tongits CO - Earn real money
Play Tongits CO – Earn Real Money

3. Tongits game has the fastest transactions:

Transactions speed is important in every game, we recognize this problem right at the start, and make sure reach to the max satisfaction of players when recharging and exchanging for real money. We have built for this app the fastest transactions.
Your transactions will fast in a blink of an eye and never have to wait. Go along is high-secure information of players, every transaction is safe.

The fastest transaction with high-secure information in Tongits CO
Play Tongits CO – Cash out easily and high-secure information

4. Tongits online matchmaking extremely fast:

Have you ever been so excited to start your game ready to win all day long but suddenly everything stops to wait for the game to start?

When joining our app you’ll never have to wait for anyone, because the game is always ready for you. Press in quick play or selected room type then the game will immediately start your game.

Quick matching Tongits - Play together
Quick matching Tongits – Play together
5. Experience playing Tongits online with a high win rate:

Enjoy your win streak with a 70% win rate in-game, will make you feel unstoppable on the card game tables.
The win rate used for all games in our application will turn you into a king of casinos owning n a win-streak receiving unlimited rewards.

Combine your lucky, strategy and put them into your plays.
Strategy combines lucky, easy to play hard to lose
6. Become a Vip player, explore the Vip function in Tongits CO:

Feeling like an Elite class is the feeling that most card games these days are hard to help players reach the most. With multiple functions, extra take care from the customer service crew, and profuse benefits are waiting for you to experience.
Easily upgrade your account to VIP by recharging for the first time to the game.

Upgrade your Vip, explore Vip functions
7. Best Tongits app with light capacity:

With light capacity makes the game download process faster to limit the wait of our lovely players, everything is fast like a blink of an eye.
The game didn’t require high-quality mobile devices, suitable for all mobile devices. Easy to install, easy to play, and the game is free to download.

Lightness capacity, easy to install

8. Make your way into Tongits leaderboard and other card games:
Feel free to shine your name on the leaderboard to let the whole sever know your name on the leaderboard.
The leaderboard is diverse, you can choose which game you will get on the top.
You may be late to “the fame party”, don’t worry the leaderboard is updated all the time. Chance to have your name on the hall of fame always had.

Set your name on top of the leaderboard, and let them know your name.

9. Communicate with the world through a Tongits app:
After enjoying a lot of games, it’s time to sit back and have a little chat with the world. With world box chat always popping up makes you can ignore it.
It’s time to have a chat with new friends and makes friends from many countries around the world.

Make friends from many countries
Make friends from many countries

10. Joyful playing card games with the world:
Tongits CO sever has connected many countries as one, giving you the opportunity to hang out with many friends from other countries.

Playing Tongits online, popular card games, earning real money, make friends across the world. What could be better right?

Whole world connect on the same lobby
Communicate with the world in our application

Install the game now on App Store – Google Play
Free to play Tongits – Earn real money

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