KABIBE GAME – the best gambling app for your device?

When reminding players about the betting apps, we have some specific names like Funny Game, 22Bet, Casino Plus, Phlwin, etc. But there’s one application that also brings a fascinating atmosphere to betting. Kabibe, one of the top betting applications in the Philippines, allows players to cash out from the game with a few steps.

Many rumors say this game owns the fastest transaction and many games for players freely play without getting bored. After researching and experiencing the application, today we will have a detailed discussion about how everything works.

1. What is Kabibe Game?

Kabibe Game is one of the top gambling applications for mobile devices in the Philippines. The app was prevalent on its release day when gathering much attention from gambling fans and having over 500,000+ installations on Google Play.

Text Kabibe Game, logo Kabibe Game, and Kabibe Game interface. Decoration Coins and Cards. Beach background.

The app owns more than 10 various gambling games, including:

  1. Dragon & Tiger
  2. Mythical Animal
  3. Crash Plus
  4. Toss A Coin
  5. Mines
  6. Plinko
  7. SkyDiving
  8. Fruit Slot
  9. Others

With the abundant game collection, players got attracted to every gameplay of this application. Non-stop betting and winning high rewards are what Kabibe is known for.

Besides all the gameplay you can experience, there are features that help you earn more profits in this app which we will discuss in the upcoming section of this post. Stick around till the end to have a good knowledge of this app.


First thing first, when participating in any application, the priority move that needs to make is registering an account. Kabibe Game is no exception, but somehow the app refers to an easier way for its participants.

Beach background, Kabibe Game logo, and instructions on how to register an kabibe game account.

The app allows players to create an account directly through their phone numbers, and it will automatically connect with your device when you process registering. You didn’t have to do anything, just select your desired name and password.

To register a Kabibe game account, follow the instructions below:

  1. Click “Phone Register”
  2. Fill in the required information.
  3. Press “Send”
  4. Receive the OTP from your device.
  5. Enter your OTP 
  6. Choose “Register”

It takes only 6 steps to complete, and you’re now a Kabibe player.

We’re not done yet, after you have successfully entered Kabibe Game, there are plenty of rewards you can receive as a new player.

Let’s figure out what’s the benefits for a new player together.

Free Coin

You will receive a specific amount of Coins when partakes in the Kabibe Game Facebook community or enter a lucky code.

Lucky Guy

The feature means every time you successfully cumulatively your bet to 1000Coins, you will receive 1 sweepstake for free rewards.


The first time you recharge will receive a bonus based on your cash-in amount.

And that’s all the benefits you can receive when partaking in Kabibe Game as a newbie.


To add Coins to Kabibe Game, you will need a GCash wallet to start to process. If you didn’t have one before, we suggest you create a GCash account for further applications.

Recharge Coins in the Kabibe app is more complicated than in other casino platforms like Tongits GO, Tongits CO, or Casino Plus. 

But when you follow our instructions, ensure you will cash in successfully. Here’s how to deposit more Coins into Kabibe Game.

Text How to add more coins to kabibe game. Logo GCash transfer coins into the game logo.
  1. Go to the “Store” feature.
  2. Choose the amount you want to cash in.
  3. Select “Ok.”
  4. Check the “Record” category.
  5. Choose “Recovery.”
  6. Copy the “Our GCash Number” bar.
  7. Transfer money from your wallet to the required account.
  8. Copy your GCash ref.no and paste it into the Kabibe Game recharge feature.
  9. Select “Send.”

Note: If the GCash number isn’t the right one that you want to use, you can change it by clicking on “ReBind.”

Completed all the steps above, and you will be more than ready to experience their abundant game collection.


If you’re lucky while experiencing Kabibe Game and win big countlessly, you need to know this instruction on how to cash out the Kabibe Game to turn your rewards into real profits:

Text How To Cash Out Kabibe Game. Logo Kabibe game transfer money to logo GCash.
  1. Click on “Withdraw”
  2. Checking your GCash information to ensure the app will transfer the right account.
  3. Enter the amount you want.
  4. Choose “Withdraw”

You can follow your transaction by checking the records, if it got canceled, you need to discuss it with customer support as soon as possible to solve your problem.

But to cash out with Kabibe Game, you must know these withdrawal requirements:

  1. The withdrawal amount must be between 300-10000.
  2. You can’t carry less than 110 Coins after withdrawal.
  3. The withdrawal will arrive after 2 hours.

Provided your action matches these requirements, your transaction will get processed quickly.


Requirements in the withdrawal feature are always tricky to deal with as a player, but Kabibe Game turns things complicated from Cash-in to Withdrawal. Either Cash Out or Deposit is not work like we aspect a gambling app will do, is to make things easier for participants to process and take their money fast. Exchange with the expectation is a time-consuming and complicated requirement process.

However, Kabibe Game is still one of the best casino applications that you should consider participating in, but if you’re looking for a better option, consider checking out the top 5 casinos online that allow cash out real money through GCash. In this post, you will have more choices to pick from, also choose the right app that suits your needs.

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