Tongits online game gcash – the app can earn quick money

Tongits online game gcash is a combination of words describing a tongits app or sites allowing participants to process transactions through the GCash wallet.

The GCash wallet shows inside a legit tongits app. Without GCash as a payment method, the app or site will consider a no credibility place to join.

First, we must demonstrate the details of Tongit’s gameplay and rules.


Tongits is a popular card game in the Philippines that is similar to rummy. It is usually played with 3 players using one deck of cards. The tongits game objective is to form sets of three or more cards of the same rank or suit, similar to other rummy games.

There are countless variations of Tongits played throughout the country, with some regions having their specific rules and strategies. For instance, some players prefer to play the game with two decks of cards instead of one, while others allow players to form sets using cards from their opponents’ hands.

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Despite its popularity, Tongit’s gameplay is still relatively unknown outside of the Philippines.

But the rise of online tongits or so-called tongits online game gcash and the increasing interest in traditional card games has made a tremendous change for this gambling game.

Nowadays, you can effortlessly look for a place to play tongits online through many marketplaces like App Store & Google Play.

Several online tongits apps we can name are Tongits CO, Tongits GO, and Tongits Zingplay, these apps are the top online casino game you can participate in.

However, learning to play tongits is needed before you enter the authentic battle with skillful participants ready to show you what they can do.

Let’s run through the Tongits game rules together.


In essence, the online tongits games are not dissimilar from the original real-life tongits gameplay, but if you are new to this game, these will be helpful.

First, the most important is to remember the value of each card. We will set the board from the highest tongits card to the lowest.

  • J, Q, K,10 = 10
  • 9 = 9
  • 8 = 8
  • 7 = 7
  • 6 = 6
  • 5 = 5

In the variation of Tongits, there will be some gameplay have the JOKER CARD which owns a value of 0.

Second, we will go through the card combinations of the Tongits game rules.

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  • Straight: The combination of multiple cards from A to K with identical suits. (Ex: 6,7,8 hearts)
  • Three-of-a-kind: The combination of 3 cards have identical values. (Ex: 3-3-3)
  • Four-of-a-kind: The combination of 4 cards have identical values. (Ex: 4-4-4-4)

Every time, you successfully combine the cards, we call them melds. Thereafter, you are free to decide to keep them on your hand or drop melds to the table.

Whether you drop melds or hold them in your hand, your point passively reduces by the total value of melds.

Note: If you decide to drop melds, then the opponents will have the chance to input their card into your combination if they have the card that matches the meld’s needs.

And each turn, you have the right to dump one card on your hand that you think you didn’t need for the upcoming game plan, and this move will also reduce your points.

These are the simple tongits online rules, and if you want to look for more details, you can go for the ultimate tongits guide of Tongits CO.

But wait, we haven’t given you the information about the best tongits online game for Gcash, right? Let’s go!


Tongits CO is a place meant for you to experience tongits online games and earn quick money through Gcash – Maya wallet.

The Tongits CO app is an online casino app with countless gambling-card games combined with the vibrant casino atmosphere, guaranteeing you have the best time when partaking in.

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  • Tongits
  • Pusoy
  • Sabong
  • ColorGame
  • Lucky9

Events and activities frequently generate to keep the users active and maintain the joyful feeling of every participant.

Customer support is 24/7 to solve any issues you have when experiencing this online casino app, ensuring everyone is happy when earning real money.

The Tongits CO app is a go-to application if you want to experience joyful tongits gameplay and online casino games. Click the button below to install.


In this section, we will answer several questions that are frequently asked when you join the tongits online game gcash.


We will give you instructions on how to cash out with GCash inside the Tongits CO app.

Follow these steps to cash out in the tongits online game gcash.

  • Select the Exchange feature
  • Click on the payment method (GCash)
  • Choose your withdrawal amount
  • Enter your GCash number
  • Click CONFIRM.

The pending time per transaction: 1-2 minutes

With low-time waiting, you will be able to cash out numerous amounts of real money through GCash, and there are no limits on how much you withdraw for a month.


This question will appear for several people who don’t have a GCash account.

We have your back, go through the tutorial on how to create a GCash account with Tongits CO will surely help you a lot.


With Tongits CO, you don’t have to do any process of linking your Philippines e-wallet to the game.

When withdrawing or recharging, you just need to enter the information of your GCash number, and everything is set.