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  • Super Game – Is it a good option for earning real money?

    Are you looking for a fancy place to experience online casinos? Casino Plus, Phlwin, Lodibet, and many casino sites are waiting for you. But if you’re looking for an casino app for your mobile devices, let’s us suggest you to Super Game. WHAT IS SUPER GAME? Super Game is a casino application that follows the […]

  • TONGITS STAR – The best app for earning mobile load.

    Tongits app has been the most popular category in the Philippines. There are countless applications like Tongits CO, Tongits GO, Tongits Plus, and the one we will discuss today, Tongits Star. What is Tongits Star? How to earn real money in Tongits Star? How to download the Tongits Star app? We will do this in […]

  • DIAMOND GAME – everything you need to know about

    DIAMOND GAME – everything you need to know about

    Betting games exist in various casino applications like Tongits CO, Casino Plus, Aurora Game, and much more. Diamond Game is one of them, and today we will give you a completest guide on how to earn real money through Diamond Game. WHAT IS DIAMOND GAME? Diamond Game is a casino application that developing in the […]

  • Tong its online – Top 5 helpful strategies for beginners.

    Tong its online – Top 5 helpful strategies for beginners.

    Master Tong its online required the player to well-know various factors like calculation, situation reading, forecast, and making decisions at the right moment. Understanding those factors isn’t the only thing that makes a player become a Tongits master in online tongits or casual tongits games. There are more requirements. Please don’t get it wrong. In […]

  • Tongits online game gcash – the app can earn quick money

    Tongits online game gcash is a combination of words describing a tongits app or sites allowing participants to process transactions through the GCash wallet. The GCash wallet shows inside a legit tongits app. Without GCash as a payment method, the app or site will consider a no credibility place to join. First, we must demonstrate […]

  • CASINO ONLINE GAMBLING – 5+ things you want to avoid

    CASINO ONLINE GAMBLING – 5+ things you want to avoid

    When it comes to playing games in a casino online gambling app or a physical casino, there are several things that you should avoid to have a successful and enjoyable experience. Here are some common cons and pitfalls to keep in mind: By keeping these things in mind and approaching casino games with a clear […]


    Slot online games have become increasingly popular in recent years. These games have evolved from simple, classic slots online to a more complex slot type with exciting features like bonus rounds and free spins. They are available in various themes, from classic fruit machines to movie and TV show tie-ins. Playing online slots can be […]


    THE SIMPLEST WAY TO CASH OUT FROM TONGITS GO. Tongits GO has changed its appearance likely, and following up with it is many new things. The cashout process is not an exception. We know a lot of players are clueless about how to cash out from Tongits GO after it has been updated to a […]

  • How to earn money online through Tongits CO

    FULL GUIDE ON HOW TO PARTICIPATE IN THE EARN MONEY APP During the economic crisis, people are rushing to find more income, especially a way to earn money online through different apps. But not everyone can find what they want, including side income in this period of the global economy. You are the lucky one […]

  • Tongits GO app – Free-to-play & make money quickly.

    TONGITS GO APP UPDATES, NEW GAMES COMING. Have you heard about Tongits GO’s new updates? If you have followed Tongits GO since the beginning, you will know that this app start with several traditional games in the Philippines. But not for long, the Tongits GO app has started collecting different game categories, and now they […]