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Betting games exist in various casino applications like Tongits CO, Casino Plus, Aurora Game, and much more. Diamond Game is one of them, and today we will give you a completest guide on how to earn real money through Diamond Game.


Diamond Game is a casino application that developing in the Philippines a couple of years ago. It was created based on the need of the Philippine audiences to spend their free time on betting and card games.

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The app soon receives much attention from the Philippines audiences and obtains hundreds of thousands of installations. Many YouTubers who generate content about making money online also put effort into promoting Diamond Game.

This app became trending for a short period of time, and till now, the Diamond Game app is still one of the best casino apps for the Philippines audiences.

Diamond Game game collections were around betting gameplay, including:

  1. Dragon Tiger
  2. 88 Fortune Slots
  3. Color Game
  4. Animal World
  5. Luxury Fruit Connection
  6. Poker War
  7. Egypt Treasure Slots
  8. Wonder Forest Slots

To experience these games, the app needs you to register an account by filling in the required information. But how to do it? Figure out below.


Registering a Diamond Game account is quite simple when the app doesn’t require more than a valid phone number and verify it.

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You can follow the instructions on how to register a Diamond Game account to complete your registration:

  1. Enter your valid Phone Number
  2. Fill in your password.
  3. Select Send
  4. Receive the OTP and enter your verification code.
  5. Click Confirm

There is a bar of Referral ID, which is meant for the one referring to the app for you. When you enter their referral code in, both you and the code owner will receive a minor bonus of coins.

And through time, the more Coins you use for placing your bet in their gameplay, the referral code owner will receive a higher commission. The feature is called “Referral”, and we will explain it in detail in the next portion of this post.


Diamond Game and many other applications always take good cares about their referral feature, some apps can name are Aurora Game, Tongits CO, Big Win Casino, etc.

The only difference is their maximum commissions as follows:

Tongits CO: 1% – 8%

Diamond Game: 1% – 6%

Big Win Casino: 1% – 7%

Despite the difference in commission, the function works in the same way. Simply provides your referral code to the new user, and when they link to your account, every purchase and bet of them will transfer into commission to your account weekly.

And brake it down into a step-to-step guide, we have:

  1. Copy your referral code (or User ID)
  2. Send it to the new user.
  3. Remind them to enter it when registering an account.

After the process has finished, now their account is linked to you. Ready to receive commission?

But besides using the referral feature to earn more coins, you can learn how to purchase Coins from Diamond Game in the next section.


Before you process any transaction with Diamond Game, you must link your GCash account to the app through account information. Simply click on the user interface and fill in your GCash information.

Within minutes, your account will link with your GCash app, and you’re more than ready to process several transactions.

Text How to deposit coins in Diamond Game. Logo GCash transfer coins to logo Diamond Game

Process deposit coins to Diamond Game by following the instructions we gave:

  1. Choose “Wallet Recharge” or “1st-top-up” (1st-top-up only meant for newbies.)
  2. Select the deposit amount.
  3. Accept or Change the GCash information.
  4. Copy the GCash number of the app.
  5. Use the “Send Money” feature to transfer money to the GCash number you just copied.

(The money needs to transfer will equal your deposit amount.)

  1. Complete your “Send Money” process.
  2. Copy the Ref.No through GCash SMS.
  3. Place it in the empty bar below and click “Submit.”

Usually, the process will take 5 minutes to 7 minutes per transaction, depending on your performance. After you have finished depositing your Coins, you can start to experience various betting gameplay inside Diamond Game.

If you’re lucky, use the following instructions to exchange your rewards for real money now!


There are such things you need to know before withdrawing your Coins from Diamond Game, and they have a special requirement for this function. 

Max Withdrawable

The Max amount you can withdraw from the app in that time, and any results that overcome that amount will be invalid.

During the time you spend in the app, the more you purchase coins or play games, the app will extend your withdrawable amount, but at the beginning, the amount will be zero.

Minimum cash out (300 Coins)

If you want to cash out, you must proceed with the amount above or equal 300Coins, and this requirement applied to every user in the app.

Text How to cash out in Diamond Game. Logo Diamond Game transfer money to logo GCash.

However, for those who have opened the possibility of cash out from Diamond Game by meeting the requirements, you can follow the cashout instructions below:

  1. Choose the “Withdraw” feature
  2. Enter your cash-out amount (Below the withdrawable amount.)
  3. Click the “Withdrawal” button.

Your cash-out amount will deliver to your GCash balance shortly.


Diamond Game is one of the top casino applications in the Philippines, but the complexity of their withdrawal and deposit features makes the user have a hard time processing any transaction. We also can’t deny the lag in the game collection when most of their game is user versus NPC, which the user can’t decide game results with their skills.

Fortunately, the Philippines casino app market is abundant, and you have many other choices besides Diamond Game. How about taking a peek at our 5 online casinos using GCash for Filipino for more chances to earn real money online? Visit it now!

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