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  • DIAMOND GAME – everything you need to know about

    DIAMOND GAME – everything you need to know about

    Betting games exist in various casino applications like Tongits CO, Casino Plus, Aurora Game, and much more. Diamond Game is one of them, and today we will give you a completest guide on how to earn real money through Diamond Game. WHAT IS DIAMOND GAME? Diamond Game is a casino application that developing in the […]

  • Tong its real money – How to cash out Tongits CO?

    WHY YOU SHOULD PARTICIPATE IN THE TONG ITS REAL MONEY APP NOW! Tongits CO is now a trending tongits app for Philippine audiences, and we will increase the game quality to increase your experience. Because more users will come AND..! Oh! Hello, my dear, I’m on a speech to my audience, and you are here. […]

  • FORTUNE GAME – Simple way to make money online

    HOW TO USE REFERRAL CODE IN FORTUNE GAME Referring new players to the app and receiving bonus commissions based on their actions is a common feature in gambling applications. Many card games, gambling, and betting applications have developed many referral functions with unbelieve commissions. We can name several card game apps like Tongits GO, Tongits […]

  • TONGITS OFFLINE – The best app to play with friends.

    THE BEST TONGITS APP TO CREATE MOMENTS WITH FRIENDS – TONGITS OFFLINE. As you can see, this website is brimming with diverse posts about Tongits or gambling applications with a high potential to make money online. But today, we will come up with something different from the usual content, and the app we mention has […]

  • TONGITS ZINGPLAY – the ultimate guide for new users

    Experience the Tongits Zingplay app to redeem real-life items Welcome to the ultimate guide of the best Tongits application in the Philippines, the app with a high potential of receiving real-life items daily. From small-value items like mobile passes or game currency to bigger prizes such as mobile devices, television, and cooker. You can effortlessly […]

  • TONGITS APPLICATION – The chances to be profitable daily

    Why do you need to choose the Tongits CO application? The gambling marketplace is full of attractive applications with many good rumors that can make you profitable daily. Tongits CO is not much different compared to those applications but with the potential that this app provides, you can’t find it in other apps. Several Tongits […]

  • TONGITS CASH OUT – how to earn real money in 2022

    PLAY TONGITS & CASH OUT REAL MONEY After the Covid-19 epidemic, many people have lost their jobs because the requirement shut down places that gather a lot of people, and they start searching for online jobs or another way to earn real money at home. In the meantime, a lot of play-to-earn games are developed […]

  • TONGITS REAL MONEY – Install the best app now

    TONGITS REAL MONEY – EARN NUMEROUS REAL MONEY WEEKLY Play-to-earn is a trending category that most people seek for since 2021, and we can name some exceptional play-to-earn games like Axie Infinity, Bomb Crypto, Tongits GO, etc. The Philippines also developed many play-to-earn games but only one game stood out and matched all the requirements […]

  • TIKTOK – be creative and earn 2000P for free

    TIKTOK – A CHANCE TO RECEIVE REAL MONEY WITH TONGITS CO For a couple of years, the Tiktok app is familiar to many people, and it’s like a daily routine when turning on the mobile device is always go to Tiktok to look for new things happen today. Some people join Tiktok with opportunities to […]

  • AURORA GAME – don’t miss the chance to earn real money

    REASONS TO INSTALL AURORA GAME NOW Looking for a betting app that works to play is simple but looking for an application that you can play for hours and brings you a good amount of real money is quite hard these days. Understand those problems so we are working on a list of reviewing many […]