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  • DIAMOND GAME – everything you need to know about

    DIAMOND GAME – everything you need to know about

    Betting games exist in various casino applications like Tongits CO, Casino Plus, Aurora Game, and much more. Diamond Game is one of them, and today we will give you a completest guide on how to earn real money through Diamond Game. WHAT IS DIAMOND GAME? Diamond Game is a casino application that developing in the […]

  • ONLINE GAMBLING – New way to place your bet!

    Experience the best online gambling app for your device! Gambling games or betting are no longer strange for many people in the Philippines, and looking for an application to play those arcade seems a habit to everyone. But do you know where to find the all-in-one application that can provide you with every playstyle of […]

  • EARN MONEY APP – make money online with this app

    THE BEST EARN MONEY APP IN 2023 In the century of making money online, many applications appear with potential support users become profitable daily. We can come out with some popular application names in the Philippines like Tongits CO, Tongits GO, and Diamond Game. And today, we will discuss how to make money online with […]

  • LOTTO – Play the Lotto online and win massively now!

    Experience Lotto online inside the Tongits CO app now! Let’s think about how inconvenient when you need to go outside for a Lotto ticket. What if I say that you can now predict the number totally online? The Tongits CO app, besides the primary thing, is the application provides various card game playstyles. This app […]

  • MAYA WALLET – Why do you need to use this app now?

    Maya wallet is now available in the Tongits CO app People in the Philippines frequently use GCash for their needs. It can be paying bills, shopping online, bank transfers, etc. And because of that, GCash effortlessly becomes the recommended application to solve money demands. Alongside this, we also have another application that serves money demands […]

  • TIKTOK – be creative and earn 2000P for free

    TIKTOK – A CHANCE TO RECEIVE REAL MONEY WITH TONGITS CO For a couple of years, the Tiktok app is familiar to many people, and it’s like a daily routine when turning on the mobile device is always go to Tiktok to look for new things happen today. Some people join Tiktok with opportunities to […]

  • TONGITS CO APPLICATION – how to earn 50Pesos for free?

    THE BIGGEST GIVEAWAY FROM THE TONGITS CO APPLICATION! Tongits CO has generated the biggest giveaway event that anyone can participate in, and the event giveaway of up to 1,000,000Chips equal 50Pesos free goes into your wallet when using the withdraw feature in the app. For those who wonder what’s Tongits CO? Let us introduce you […]

  • TONGITS CO APP – new app new way to play the game

    TONGITS CO APP – THE REASON WHY YOU SHOULD PLAY TONGITS ONLINE Tongits is a traditional card game in the Philippines, the game is suitable for all ages & it’s a fun card game to play. Back in the day, to play this game with friends, peoples usually have to schedule a meeting & start […]

  • TONGITS CO APP – more friends receive more money.

    TONGITS CO APP – INVITE FRIENDS BY YOUR REFERRAL CODE Discuss what referral codes. It follows with the users’ ID and allows players to link together to receive massive Chips. Each account can enter only one ref code from another player. But one referral code can be linked to many accounts and after linked together. […]