TONGITS CO APP – more friends receive more money.


Invitites friends receive massive chips with Tongits CO app

Discuss what referral codes. It follows with the users’ ID and allows players to link together to receive massive Chips. Each account can enter only one ref code from another player.

But one referral code can be linked to many accounts and after linked together. Every win game will increase the Chips amount of that account in the “Referral List Board”.

Referral code owners can track the amounts of Chips that linked accounts have made and collect them whenever they like.

How to use the referral code in the Tongits CO app?

Most players got confused the first time they heard about the referral code, but we have prepared the instructions to show you how to link the referral code to your account.

Please follow the instructions to use the referral code in the right way and receive massive Chips.


Step 1: Click on your avatar

Step 2: Invite your friends to put your ID in the Ref. id

( You will get chips from the player that has entered your ID whenever they win)

Step 3: To check how many chips that you receive and the number of players that enter your ID, click on the website, Choose the TONGITS CO app

Step 4: Type in ID, Choose GET OTP

Step 5: Check the “Mail” code in the game

Step 6: Enter the code that you receive from Laropay, Click “SUBMIT”

Step 7: Pick the “Referral List”

Step 8: Choose the History button

(Statistic number of chips that you will receive from the player that has entered your ID)

Step 9: Click the game, pick FREE CHIP to receive the chips from the new function

(We will send chips every Monday)

Make sure to follow those steps perfectly to collect the massive Chips from Laropay. Besides connecting with the Tongits CO app, Laropay also signs up with many Tongits apps that are popular in the Philippines.

Now you know how to activate your referral to receive massive Chips and redeem real money, more events about the referral code are here!

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