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  • TONGITS CO EVENT – laropay bonus recharge, join now!

    ENJOY TONGITS CO EVENT RECEIVE MASSIVE CHIPS Laropay has been too familiar with many card game players cause of the high reputation that comes with the high speed of processing transactions. Besides Tongits CO is the best card game application in the Philippines that allows players to withdraw & experiences multiple different card game. Laropay […]

  • TONGITS ZINGPLAY – how to withdraw real money.

    COMPARISON BETWEEN TONGITS CO & TONGITS ZINGPLAY Tongits Zingplay is one of the best card game portals with many events that bring massive players into their application. After players have joined the game by participating in Zingplay activities, they will have a chance to receive many real-life items. Recently Tongits CO app has appeared and […]


    HOW TO PLAY LUCKY 9 – LUCKY 89  The Philippines language is down below 1. What is Lucky 9 – Lucky 89: Lucky 9 online game starts with one dealer and players, each player receives two cards in hand. Results will be based on the total points in the hand of players and dealers. Max […]

  • TONGITS GO – why this app is no longer the best?

    THE DIFFERENCE BETWEEN TONGITS GO & TONGITS CO Tongits GO is one of the best card game applications that have dominated the card game categories in the App Store – Google Play for a long time. In the meantime, by owning a beach concept & good work on social media, this app soon turns from […]

  • TONGITS GO – the king is facing the best tongits app?

    COMPARE HOW BOTH WITHDRAWAL FUNCTION WORKS IN TONGITS GO & TONGITS CO Cash-out or Withdrawing in the card game app is nothing strange with card game players. But did you know which app has the fastest transaction or did you get to stick with the same app that took too many steps to cash out? […]

  • PINOY TONGITS CO – tongits moments make you confused.

    PINOY TONGITS CO – FUNNY TONGITS MOMENTS YOU MAY SEE ONCE There are a lot of moments that often happen while playing Tongits, some of them may make you laugh out lough, and the opposite will make you feel upset. Everything has a positive way to look at it, so we’ll go through it together […]


    TONGITS GUIDE – THE REASON WHY YOU CAN’T WIN Playing Tongits is easy by following the game rules but winning Tongits is a different story because besides enjoying the fun. The game also requires a lot of attention when playing to receive the win. Today we bring out many basic mistakes that used to be […]

  • PINOY TONGITS CO – bonus rewards for new players.

    PINOY TONGITS CO – A CHANCE TO RECEIVE BONUS CHIPS & UPGRADE VIP 2 Pinoy Tongits CO is now the most popular card game application by owning a different concept compared with other apps, above and beyond the outstanding graphics & gameplay. Since its release, by creating many events/activities, this app has shown good care […]

  • TONGITS CO APP – new app new way to play the game

    TONGITS CO APP – THE REASON WHY YOU SHOULD PLAY TONGITS ONLINE Tongits is a traditional card game in the Philippines, the game is suitable for all ages & it’s a fun card game to play. Back in the day, to play this game with friends, peoples usually have to schedule a meeting & start […]

  • TONGITS APPS EXCHANGE – how to earn real money.

    TONGITS APPS EXCHANGE INSTRUCTIONS FROM TOP5 CARD GAME APPS TONGITS APPS EXCHANGE – HOW TO CASH OUT FROM TOP 5 GAME Acknowledge the number of players who still didn’t know how to cash out from a few card game applications. So today, let us have the honor to introduce to you the “Ultimate Scroll” about […]