TONGITS GO – the king is facing the best tongits app?


Cash-out or Withdrawing in the card game app is nothing strange with card game players. But did you know which app has the fastest transaction or did you get to stick with the same app that took too many steps to cash out?

Today we bring out the TOP 2 card game app that could withdraw real money, and we hope those reading this will receive it in the most objective way you could.

Tongits GO & Tongits CO withdraw comparison
Tongits GO & Tongits CO

Now let’s jump into the detailed comparison of Tongits GO & Tongits CO cash-out function.

1. How to withdraw from Tongits GO:

This app has been recognized as the top card game app for a long time, and they have dominated the market leaderboard in the card game categories.

They follow the beach concept & release many outstanding events to help them get more popular on social media sites.

But when it comes to withdrawing, this app slightly makes the players struggle with it. The cash-out requires a lot of times playing 50 hands to unlock the “Gift” button & the players need to contact an agency to do it.

Tongits GO cash out
Tongits GO cash out requirements & times

Imagine you can do it by yourself on another app but in this tongits app, you have to contact an agency to confirm and withdraw. That led to many problems about the information security of players getting leaked, time wasted, and more.

At the end of this post, we prepared a video to compare the withdrawal between these two apps. Free to watch the full video to look closely at it.

2. How to withdraw from Tongits CO:

Creating different feelings about withdrawal, this tongits app was going the right way when letting players cash-out by themself.

Getting supported by a top e-wallet in the Philippines makes everything seems more comfortable.

Tongits CO cash out requirements & times
Tongits CO cash out requirements & times

This app will not require anything when it comes to cashing out, players can freely cash out any amount & time they want.

This difference that this app has created will help players feels safe when the information is high-secure & follow that is a comfortable feeling while cashing out with the high speed of processing.

If you still hesitate, feel free to watch the full video down below and have deeply look at what we’re saying.

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