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  • Philippines online casinos you must know for GCash

    Philippines online casinos you must know for GCash

    The Philippines is one of many countries developing the gambling category remarkably well, but there is not many online casinos site allowing the participation of Philippines players. But the scenario is not the same case when it’s come to the Philippines online casino applications. The Philippines always know how to solve their problems, so many […]

  • How to earn money online through Tongits CO

    FULL GUIDE ON HOW TO PARTICIPATE IN THE EARN MONEY APP During the economic crisis, people are rushing to find more income, especially a way to earn money online through different apps. But not everyone can find what they want, including side income in this period of the global economy. You are the lucky one […]

  • GAMBLING – Make real money daily with these apps.

    TOP 5 GAMBLING APPS FOR MAKING MONEY ONLINE Various application types these days allow users to make real money not only for a small amount but with enormous potential of becoming another income in their life. The gambling industry always is the underdog when people see them as scams and bluffing, but that only happens […]

  • TONGITS REAL MONEY – Install the best app now

    TONGITS REAL MONEY – EARN NUMEROUS REAL MONEY WEEKLY Play-to-earn is a trending category that most people seek for since 2021, and we can name some exceptional play-to-earn games like Axie Infinity, Bomb Crypto, Tongits GO, etc. The Philippines also developed many play-to-earn games but only one game stood out and matched all the requirements […]


    EXPLORE THE TOP LEGIT APP THAT CAN EARN REAL MONEY Present to the viewers who read this post the best gambling application in the Philippines with high-security information. The app also has various card games for you to freely experience and cash out quickly through GCash without the third-party participant. The app’s name is Tongits […]

  • TONGITS CO EVENT – laropay bonus recharge, join now!

    ENJOY TONGITS CO EVENT RECEIVE MASSIVE CHIPS Laropay has been too familiar with many card game players cause of the high reputation that comes with the high speed of processing transactions. Besides Tongits CO is the best card game application in the Philippines that allows players to withdraw & experiences multiple different card game. Laropay […]

  • PINOY TONGITS – the best tongits application for you.

    PINOY TONGITS – How is Tongits CO different from other card games? Tongits CO is an application owning many popular card games, including three traditional games in the Philipinnes, Tongits, Pusoy, and Sabong. Besides those three, the game also brings the casino atmosphere by collecting many casino games. We all agree that Tongits CO was […]

  • TONGITS ZINGPLAY – how to withdraw real money.

    COMPARISON BETWEEN TONGITS CO & TONGITS ZINGPLAY Tongits Zingplay is one of the best card game portals with many events that bring massive players into their application. After players have joined the game by participating in Zingplay activities, they will have a chance to receive many real-life items. Recently Tongits CO app has appeared and […]


    HOW TO PLAY LUCKY 9 – LUCKY 89  The Philippines language is down below 1. What is Lucky 9 – Lucky 89: Lucky 9 online game starts with one dealer and players, each player receives two cards in hand. Results will be based on the total points in the hand of players and dealers. Max […]

  • TONGITS GO – why this app is no longer the best?

    THE DIFFERENCE BETWEEN TONGITS GO & TONGITS CO Tongits GO is one of the best card game applications that have dominated the card game categories in the App Store – Google Play for a long time. In the meantime, by owning a beach concept & good work on social media, this app soon turns from […]