TONGITS CO EVENT – laropay bonus recharge, join now!


Laropay has been too familiar with many card game players cause of the high reputation that comes with the high speed of processing transactions.

Besides Tongits CO is the best card game application in the Philippines that allows players to withdraw & experiences multiple different card game. Laropay is also connected with many card game apps on their website, freely installing and recharging.

Today Laropay brings up a Tongits CO event giving our players a massive chips bonus when recharging on the Laropay website & many other fascinating features inside of it. Let’s jump right in!


Tongits CO event - Laroapy bonus Chips
Tongits CO event – Laroapy bonus Chips

Back in the day, when you recharge through the shop feature, the number of Chips does get a small bonus. Oppositely, if you choose to cash in on the Laropay website, you will receive another bonus Chip from them.

We will describe the bonus Chips part in both Shop & Laropay by these examples below:

Recharge with SHOP:

SHOP is a feature in Tongits CO that allows players to recharge more Chips to their account. With a massive bonus chips giveaway.

Recharge 20P: 300,000Chips

Recharge 50P: 750,000Chips

Recharge with LAROPAY:

Recharge 20P: 334,000Chips

Recharge 50P: 835,000Chips

These examples will give you a great acknowledgment of why you should start to recharge through the Laropay website.

This website also allows players to earn Chips by using referral codes to invite new players. If you want to know how to collect Free Chips, freely read this post.

Don’t forget that this card game portal, Laropay is already connecting with Tongits CO. Feel free to visit the site & install Tongits CO right on it.

Now let’s start to recharge on the Laropay website today!

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