PINOY TONGITS – the best tongits application for you.

PINOY TONGITS – How is Tongits CO different from other card games?

Tongits CO is an application owning many popular card games, including three traditional games in the Philipinnes, Tongits, Pusoy, and Sabong. Besides those three, the game also brings the casino atmosphere by collecting many casino games.

We all agree that Tongits CO was doing good work by creating a casino online through many devices. This app also allows players to withdraw as much as they want when collecting enough Chips.

By erecting many strong points & explore functions solving every problem of other card game apps, Tongits CO has demonstrated the position of the top Tongits/Card game application on the App Store – Google Play.

Now we will discuss what makes the Tongits CO app grind up to the top and become one of the best Tongits applications in the Philippines.

1. Understand Pinoy Tongits players hardpoints:

Effortlessly recognizing a few standard hardpoints of Pinoy Tongits players in the game must allow them to withdraw, great analytic system, diverse card game, and many other requirements.

Understanding those hard points, the Tongits CO app released many outstanding features. The game allows players to withdraw directly in-game with high transaction speed & information security.

This app applied many popular card games besides the traditional ones like Baccarat, 3CardPoker, HongKongPoker, and casino games. In these side games, players can freely experience in the first place, a good solution compared with Tongits Zingplay requiring level 7 to enter.

2. Gathering Pinoy Tongits players to create a big community:

In the first place, most players get attracted by the graphics of the Tongits CO app & many features that the game gives them.

The good benefits created for players make them easily understand everything in the game & decide to stay to help grow the community.

After players decide to stay, they will get a chance to experience many fascinating events/activities while playing the game. This show that we take care of our players.

3. It’s time to install the Tongits CO app:

There are more features you need to experience by yourself, now is the time to install the game on your devices.


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