PINOY TONGITS CO – tongits moments make you confused.


There are a lot of moments that often happen while playing Tongits, some of them may make you laugh out lough, and the opposite will make you feel upset.

Everything has a positive way to look at it, so we’ll go through it together to see a few moments that are easy to relate to you who reads this post.

1. About to call a fight nevertheless other players got Tongits (PINOY TONGITS CO):

We can feel the relation by reading the title name & we call this the “ULTIMATE EMOTIONAL DAMAGE” let’s be honest with each other.

Tongits gameplay in Pinoy Tongits CO app
Tongits gameplay in Tongits CO app

At least one time, you are so excited to call a fight and win the game, but suddenly another player has stepped forward to dump the last card in their hand.

Someday luck is not on your side, don’t feel bad & go start a new game.

2. Dump a card and accidentally create a meld for other players:

People used to say the thing we get rid of is someone needed, but sometimes it is too much to handle.

Pinoy Tongits CO
Tongits gameplay in Tongits CO

Imagine every card you dump got taken by other players for the whole game & create a ton of melds.

To avoid that scenario, the next time you may want to look forward to which card that guy has dumped and follow it.

3. Got bluffed in Tongits CO:

Tongits bluffed is when a player calls a fight on you even if they have more points than you, and you didn’t know then fold and let them have the win.

Now let’s remind yourself, when is the last time you got bluffed in a Tongits game.

In the beginning, you saw other players drop a meld, then at the next turn, they call a fight making you confused to fold immediately, and turned out they have higher points.

Those are the most relation moments you’ll experience when playing Tongits, there will be more but we would like you to explore it by yourself. Come to Tongits CO to create more moments with us!!

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