MAYA WALLET – Why do you need to use this app now?

Maya wallet is now available in the Tongits CO app

People in the Philippines frequently use GCash for their needs. It can be paying bills, shopping online, bank transfers, etc. And because of that, GCash effortlessly becomes the recommended application to solve money demands.

Alongside this, we also have another application that serves money demands in the Philippines, but some of you may not know.

Maya is the app we have mentioned, this app is too good to be at #2 because of its benefits to users. It provides many features that can effortlessly solve your problems of savings or money transferred.

But the good thing about Maya wallet is you allow to use it for cash in – out from the Tongits CO app. This is good news for users who own an IOS device (iPhone) because it will help you avoid several errors when cash in – out with a GCash wallet.

Here are the reasons why you need to use Maya now.


Recently, Maya has appeared in Tongits CO as a way to cash in – out your rewards, and as we have mentioned, if you are an IOS player, you can use Maya to cash out for more convenience.

Because more or fewer players have reported when they use iPhones and cash in – out through GCash, various errors happen. We think this attachment will be a good opportunity for iPhone users to have a better experience when cash in – out.

And of course, if you are an Android device, you can keep using GCash as a way to cash out or experience Maya wallet, and it regardless depends on you.


After you have finished cash out from Tongits CO, the second step is to grow the money you have received into something bigger by saving money in the Maya app.

With the attractive interest rate of the Maya app, you don’t need to hesitate, takes a few simple steps to deposit your money in the saving feature, and it will grow over time.

You can also invest in Crypto with your knowledge and receive a bonus from it.

And many other fascinating features that you will need to discover by yourself, and stop considering now and install the app to cash out from Tongits CO!

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