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    THE BEST CARD GAMES ARE FUN TO PLAY WITH FRIENDS Card game categories are not strange to many players these days. And depends on the gameplay, the players will have different experiences. The card game’s similarity is they will require players to calculate, use their hands correctly and have a little luck to win the […]

  • HONGKONGPOKER – play poker in an interesting way

    WITH HONGKONGPOKER LUCKY IS NOT ENOUGH, EXPERT TACTICS REQUIRE 1.What is HONGKONGPOKER? The variation game of Poker, a famous card game in Hongkong, is suitable for those who like a real challenge. Require good strategy and expert tactics to win. Intense gameplay and match results are based on player decisions at each step 2. HONGKONGPOKER […]

  • TONGITS CO – the best tongits online app for your device

    TONGITS CO – the best tongits online app for your device

    Traditional Game in the Philippines – Online Tongits CO makes real money Playing Tongits with somebody these days is quite hard, to have time to sit together and enjoy playing tongits requires a lot of time and arrangements. To solve the problem we’ll introduce you to a tongits app for you to easily spend time […]