TONGITS CO – the best tongits online app for your device

#1 Tongits online game - Tongits CO

Traditional Game in the Philippines – Online Tongits CO makes real money

The best tongits online application
Tongits CO – The best tongits online application

Playing Tongits with somebody these days is quite hard, to have time to sit together and enjoy playing tongits requires a lot of time and arrangements. To solve the problem we’ll introduce you to a tongits app for you to easily spend time with your friends, partner, and family without arranging the time.

1. Tongits CO app, the best card game application:

Let your problems be solved, and present to you Tongits CO. Turn on your phone to play the game where ever you need it. Easy to use easy to earn real Pesos while enjoying the game. Playing Tongits with everyone, anytime and anywhere.

Redeem real cash with Tongits CO online app
Redeem real cash with Tongits CO online app

Tongits CO is an application that is based on online casino construction with luxury graphics, diverse gameplay brings the feelings to become a real boss playing at the casino.

Besides playing Tongits online, the player can explore other popular card games from many countries like Pusoy, HongkongPoker, Sabong, and Fruit Slots,…

Diverse card games in Tongits CO
Enjoy diverse card games in Tongits CO online app

2. Exploring different Tongits online version:

The leaderboard always stays updated, bringing the chance to be the TOP 1 player in Tongits Game to everyone. Besides the Tongits game, we also have many leaderboards of other games like HongkongPoker, Pusoy,…

Leaderboard rewards
Leaderboard rewards for our champions – Tongits CO

There’s still one problem we usually get when playing games waiting for the game to start for too long. When you join this app you will never have to wait, because the game is always ready for you to enjoy.

The game social media is always ready to answer any questions about the game or feedback from our lovely players, feel free to ask any time you are curious about something in the game.

Owned the fastest transactions compares with others tong its app in the Philippines, your convert money will never have to wait, everything happens in a blink of an eye. Whenever you recharge or exchange every transaction is the fastest.

With diverse gameplay and owning a lot of functions, we believe that Tongits CO is one of the best card game apps that will bring to you a great experience to play Tongits online with your friends. Fascinating graphics, attractive events/minigames that you can check at “New” in the categories, and amazing gameplay are waiting for you.

Install Tongits CO now

The game is free to play, easy to earn money, and is now available on App Store – Google Play. Download the best Tongits app now!

Install the game now on App Store – Google Play
Free to play – Earn real money

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