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  • POKER – Top 5 reasons why you still losing? Learn now!

    Learn these to avoid losses in Poker gameplay Frustrating & having a losing streak become the first feeling when a new player participates in Poker, whether it is a modern version or original play style. And if you found this post after “a bad journey” with Poker gameplay, the things we will show you guarantee […]

  • TONGITS CASH OUT – New way to earn money in 2023

    TONGITS CASH OUT – EARN REAL MONEY UP TO 40,000PESOS PER WEEK. In 2023 playing games without getting something back is a waste of time, and if you entered this post it means you want to earn real money by playing games, especially card games. Introduce to you the best tongits app that owns many […]


    THE BEST CARD GAMES ARE FUN TO PLAY WITH FRIENDS Card game categories are not strange to many players these days. And depends on the gameplay, the players will have different experiences. The card game’s similarity is they will require players to calculate, use their hands correctly and have a little luck to win the […]


    PUSOY TIPS & TRICKS ARE USEFUL FOR NEW PLAYERS One of the best traditional card games in the Philippines, recently people know the game as Pusoy Dos, which is different gameplay from the original Pusoy. The game is now available in Tongits CO, the number of participants is up to a hundred thousand players online […]

  • LUCKY9 – 89, let luckiness guide your way to big rewards

    LUCKY9 – 89, let luckiness guide your way to big rewards

    LUCKY9 – 89 REWARDS BASED ON YOUR LUCKINESS 1. What is Lucky 9 – Lucky89: The game starts with one dealer and players, each player receives two cards in hand. Results will be based on the total points in the hand of players and dealers. Max cards in hand are three cards if players didn’t […]