POKER – Top 5 reasons why you still losing? Learn now!

Learn these to avoid losses in Poker gameplay

Frustrating & having a losing streak become the first feeling when a new player participates in Poker, whether it is a modern version or original play style.

And if you found this post after “a bad journey” with Poker gameplay, the things we will show you guarantee to help you a lot.

These statements we are about to give you will make you amazed when realizing how small it is, but unfortunately, you are not paying attention to it earlier.

But it’s okay because no one can become an expert without mistakes.

Let’s stop jumping around and head for the primary subject we will discuss today.


Most players have the same habit when participating in Poker gameplay, playing the same table and identical players for too long.

When a player has played with you for a while, they will effortlessly recognize your strategy and figure out how to deal with it.

Maybe somehow they know how your act when you bluff or have a good hand.

That’s the primary reason for some scenarios when you are winning rapidly and suddenly losing non-stop.

To avoid these situations from appearing, you will need to be considerate of how you are playing the game and try to be flexible when you decide to play a table for a long duration.

By doing this, the opponent will have a hard time reading your play style, and you will have the chance to keep winning instead of losing enormous cash.


We all know this is not a spot you want to be in any situation because the other 3 or 4 players may be the best in Poker, which you never know.

The suggestion I have for you is to analyze players in your table after a few rounds and compare your skill to theirs to see if you’re enough to beat them in the next hand or not.

If the answer is no chance, you should choose another spot.


In this scenario, you need to learn more about the game you are playing because there are a hundred versions of Poker.

Select the type that you are following and start to learn about how to get better at it. The fundamentals are all over the place on social media.

Make sure to have good fundamentals before you enter the Poker table because once you are in, you start to put your money to fight.


At some points, you start to get angry about your opponent’s decision and how they keep playing the game.

You start to lose control of your mind & emotions, every choice you make is wrong, and everything becomes uglier when you keep playing the game.

While in this condition, the best thing you should do is to leave the table to calm down before you play another hand, or you can get rest and leave it till tomorrow.

With these points we have pointed out for you, we hope you will recognize several specific things and experience the game more joyfully.

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