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  • Tongits GO app – Free-to-play & make money quickly.

    TONGITS GO APP UPDATES, NEW GAMES COMING. Have you heard about Tongits GO’s new updates? If you have followed Tongits GO since the beginning, you will know that this app start with several traditional games in the Philippines. But not for long, the Tongits GO app has started collecting different game categories, and now they […]

  • Tong its real money – How to cash out Tongits CO?

    WHY YOU SHOULD PARTICIPATE IN THE TONG ITS REAL MONEY APP NOW! Tongits CO is now a trending tongits app for Philippine audiences, and we will increase the game quality to increase your experience. Because more users will come AND..! Oh! Hello, my dear, I’m on a speech to my audience, and you are here. […]

  • MASAYA GAME – Beginner guide for the best app.

    Make money online easily with Masaya Game. The Masaya Game is a new application on the market. The game has many rumors about the potential this app could bring to its audiences. The app game collection mainly targets betting gameplay, and if you are a fan of winning huge bets, maybe this application is meant […]

  • TONGITS ZINGPLAY – the ultimate guide for new users

    Experience the Tongits Zingplay app to redeem real-life items Welcome to the ultimate guide of the best Tongits application in the Philippines, the app with a high potential of receiving real-life items daily. From small-value items like mobile passes or game currency to bigger prizes such as mobile devices, television, and cooker. You can effortlessly […]

  • GAMBLING – Make real money daily with these apps.

    TOP 5 GAMBLING APPS FOR MAKING MONEY ONLINE Various application types these days allow users to make real money not only for a small amount but with enormous potential of becoming another income in their life. The gambling industry always is the underdog when people see them as scams and bluffing, but that only happens […]

  • TONGITS RECHARGE – unlock vip2 to withdraw real money.

    How to recharge in Tongits CO app 1. 3WAYS TO RECHARGE IN TONGITS CO APP: CASH IN BY GCASH E-WALLET: This application may seem familiar to most card game players, G-cash outstanding causes the speed of transaction is easy to create, and is easier to use in any situation. By connecting the GCash wallet to […]

  • TONGITS ONLINE – play tongits real money now!

    TONGITS ONLINE – play tongits real money now!

    Welcome to one of the best Tongits online apps, based on the construction of the casino brings to players the feeling of enjoying popular card games in a luxurious casino. The best card game app you shouldn’t miss out on, owning the fastest transaction and high-secure player information make every step when to recharge/exchange are […]