MASAYA GAME – Beginner guide for the best app.

Make money online easily with Masaya Game.

The Masaya Game is a new application on the market. The game has many rumors about the potential this app could bring to its audiences.

The app game collection mainly targets betting gameplay, and if you are a fan of winning huge bets, maybe this application is meant for you.

Especially the potential of making real money, some people say this app is the same as Aurora Game or Diamond Game, and we will clarify that information today.

Besides the primary subject is finding the truth, we will also bring a beginner guide for those who first time see this application and want to know more about it.

Let’s jump right into the instruction of the Masaya Game.


When you enter the app for the first time, you will be required to register an account and provide some information.

The information that the app requires you to provide is your phone number, password, and verification code.

But there is a part of the referral ID, and this section is for entering your friend ID to connect your account with them.

And maybe you will ask yourself why you need to do it. We will explain this to you right now.


A referral code is a sequence of numbers provided for you to give to new players, and when they enter your code at the register step, you and them will link together.

Because you and they link together, every recharge or the betting amount they decide to input will increase the bonus you get.

The bonus calculation will begin with a 6% commission for the first player to enter your code and decrease to 1% for the 4th player.

You can effortlessly check the commission information through the “BE OUR AGENTS” feature in the Masaya app.

To be more specific, you will be the middle man between the app and the new players, for each player entering your code will increase your bonus income.

You can withdraw the bonus and exchange it for real money through the GCash wallet if you have linked your e-wallet to the game.

When it’s come to exchange, you must have over 300 Coins for minimum cash out. And many players already complain about this when they start their cash-out process. The system will keep denying it if you don’t have enough of the required amount.


The game collection is full of betting games for you to select, but the app will require you to recharge for a minimum currency of 100 Pesos before you can freely play.

We all know the app has daily rewards, but you will recognize the currency they gave you is not enough for you to have fun.

So besides those advantages that this app has, there are several disadvantages you will need to face when participating in the app.

Lucky for you is Masaya app is not your only choice, and we have another suggestion to make money online during your free time.


The Tongits CO app is your best choice because you can experience playing various games and ensure everything you are searching for is already in the app.

You can play the game and receive a big win in many ways, then use the currency you just won from the game to cash out real money through GCash and Maya wallet.

Currently, only Tongits CO got support from Maya wallet and allows the app to process transactions through it, and we don’t need to discuss the reputation of Maya e-wallet.

Besides playing card games and betting games to win big, the app has one more way to make real money of up to 40,000 Pesos per week.

With a commission of up to 8%, the referral feature can help you become a millionaire soon.

That’s how outstanding Tongits CO is, and to know more about the Tongits CO app, you will need to figure it out by yourself. Please don’t mind coming to our homepage and reading for posts.


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