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How to play tongits earn real money?

Welcome to one of the best Tongits online apps, based on the construction of the casino brings to players the feeling of enjoying popular card games in a luxurious casino.

Tongits CO - #1 Tongits online application in the philippines

The best card game app you shouldn’t miss out on, owning the fastest transaction and high-secure player information make every step when to recharge/exchange are safe from other factors.

We will you how to make real money in Tongits CO

1. Play Tongits online to make real money:

Enjoy fascinating gameplay and redeem real money after the fun, feels interesting right?

For a long time playing the game to earn real money is not so strange to many peoples, but have you heard about playing card games for real money with the fastest and safest transactions of Tongits CO?

Play Tongits online and withdraw your rewards after the fun
Withdraw your rewards after the fun

Now we will show you guys, how to earn real money after a few hours enjoy playing card games in Tongits CO with the amount of up to x,000 Pesos.

2. Instruction on how to earn real money in Tongits CO:

“Exchange” function requires a G-Cash wallet, when the exchange has completed the game can transfer real money directly into the wallet.

After you already have a G-Cash wallet, with some easy steps like a piece of cake you can exchange your Chips for real money, follow these steps down below now:


+Step 1: Enter the “Exchange” Function

+Step 2: Select the Peso amount you want to exchange

+Step 3: Enter your Gcash Number and confirm it
(The game will give you announce success exchange)

+Step 4: After finishing all steps the game will send the Peso you have exchanged to your Gcash wallet

We’ve prepared a video about Exchange instruction on our youtube channel, if after reading all of this information about the exchange you still don’t get it. Feel free to click on the link and watch the full video to know more about “Exchange Tutorial”.

We’re hoping you guys feel joyful, and happy when playing popular card games, and exchange your game rewards for a lot of real money lah

Install Tongits CO now to exchange real money and enjoy your rewards

Install the game now on App Store – Google Play
Free to play – Earn real money

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