• TONGITS ZINGPLAY – the ultimate guide for new users

    Experience the Tongits Zingplay app to redeem real-life items Welcome to the ultimate guide of the best Tongits application in the Philippines, the app with a high potential of receiving real-life items daily. From small-value items like mobile passes or game currency to bigger prizes such as mobile devices, television, and cooker. You can effortlessly […]

  • GAMBLING – Make real money daily with these apps.

    TOP 5 GAMBLING APPS FOR MAKING MONEY ONLINE Various application types these days allow users to make real money not only for a small amount but with enormous potential of becoming another income in their life. The gambling industry always is the underdog when people see them as scams and bluffing, but that only happens […]

  • TONGITS GO GUIDE – How to make money online in 2022?

    THE ULTIMATE GUIDE FOR TONGITS GO APPLICATION When people talk about the best gambling app in the Philippines, they usually come out with many apps, for example, Diamond Game, Tongits CO, Tongits ZingPlay, and last but not least is the Tongits GO app. The app has a high reputation when the participants amount to millions […]


    TONG ITS APP – THE BEST CARD GAME IN THE PHILIPPINES People used to talk about Tongits like a card game irresistibly, and once you start to play this game in any Tongits app you will mesmerizing by the gameplay. The gameplay is effortlessly to learn and fun to play with friends/family. People in the […]

  • TONGITS ZINGPLAY – how to withdraw real money.

    COMPARISON BETWEEN TONGITS CO & TONGITS ZINGPLAY Tongits Zingplay is one of the best card game portals with many events that bring massive players into their application. After players have joined the game by participating in Zingplay activities, they will have a chance to receive many real-life items. Recently Tongits CO app has appeared and […]

  • TONGITS APPS – the best card game apps for you

    TONGITS APPS – the best card game apps for you

    TONGITS APPS – BEST 4 OF TONGITS ONLINE APPS NEED TO OWN ON YOUR DEVICE Tongits are one of the traditional games in the Philippines, to optimize the player experience so they can play the game anywhere, at any time. On App Store – Google Play many Tongits apps have been revealed to make sure […]