TONGITS GO GUIDE – How to make money online in 2022?


When people talk about the best gambling app in the Philippines, they usually come out with many apps, for example, Diamond Game, Tongits CO, Tongits ZingPlay, and last but not least is the Tongits GO app.

The app has a high reputation when the participants amount to millions of users. Events & Activities get generated weekly, keeping the exciting feelings from players increasing every day.

And the app has known as the best app for making money online in the Philippines, you can effortlessly see many influencers promote this app through their channel, and some even have an agent role in the app.

We have prepared a guideline for you guys to know how to earn real money with the app. Let’s go find out together, shall we?


Tongits GO
Tongits GO

After you have entered the Tongits GO app, they will gift you a lot of game currency, and the point of doing this is to let you have enough Chips amount to get used to the gameplay that you want to be good at it.

Let’s say you want to master the Tongits game, so you will need to play at least 20 hands to get acquainted with the gameplay, and with the Chips amount that Tongits GO has given you, it will be enough for you to have good knowledge about the game.

Later, when you know how the game works, you can play and achieve many big wins from the gameplay you choose.

But everyone knows the currency for cash out is GoCoins, and you can only find this currency through Events – Activities or in the top 10000 players of Tongits GO.

And we will guide you on optimizing your GoCoins income to cash out massive real money from the Tongits GO app.


People have been searching for how to receive more GoCoins from the app, and today you will finally find the right way to earn more GoCoins.

Follow Tongits GO fanpage and stay updated on their events

Tongits GO fanpage will generate mixed events and activities weekly for you to join. However, to receive the GoCoins from those events, you will expect to be the fastest participant and match the event requirements.

For example, if you join the Puzzles events on the fanpage, you will need to answer the right question and be one of the fastest event participants.

Effortless & challenging, but it will be worth the try.

Join the tournament & rank games.

The second way is to join Tournament & Ranked by Tongits GO. As we have mentioned, if you can reach the top 10000 players, you will have the potential to receive GoCoins for free.

Nevertheless, the way you play will need to optimize your move at every turn because people who participate in these features are all first-class players and full of experience in the game you choose to face them.

Full of challenges, but the outcome can not resist.

Referring more new users.

The app will provide you with a code, and you need to give it to new users when they access the game for the first time.

With an amount of 10 active users, Tongits GO will give you 100GoCoins, and the more you invite new players, the more GoCoins you will receive.

And there are three ways to receive GoCoins from Tongits GO, and now we will head to the cash-out instructions.


To cash out from the app, you need to unlock the gift button, and the way to reveal the gift button is easy.

Tongits GO app requires you to play at least 50 hands to unlock the gift button, no matter what game you choose, but it needs to reach the amount the app requires.

After revealing the gift button, you must follow the cash-out instructions we have prepared for you.

  1. Access to gifts site and choose to Get Prepaid Load.
  2. Enter your phone number.
  3. Select your operators and cash out amount.
  4. Search Agency’s Facebook account and message them about the transaction.
  5. Message to confirm your transaction and send a screenshot to the Agency.

And you only need to wait for the confirmation notification from GCash, and then you can receive your money.

That’s all we have for you in this post, and hopefully, you have good knowledge of how to make money online with the Tongits GO application.

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