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Top 4 Tongits App you shouldn't miss

Tongits are one of the traditional games in the Philippines, to optimize the player experience so they can play the game anywhere, at any time. On App Store – Google Play many Tongits apps have been revealed to make sure everyone can enjoy playing Tongits online when they want.

Today we will present to you guys the top 4 tongits apps for mobile devices, we will make sure these apps are legit with high-quality gameplay.

1. Tongits apps – Tongits GO:

Tongits GO
Tongits GO the tong its online application

If you’re a fan of the beach with an exciting pool party you shouldn’t miss out on this tongits app. There’s no reason to not mention about our TOP1 Tongits app is now dominating the billboard of the market, Tongits GO is one of the first apps brought to players to a whole new world of Tongits with the graphics inspired by the feeling of the beach and pool party make the game is more attractive in the ways it looks.

Tongits GO is an application for those who already know about the gameplay because there are not many instructions, the game also can exchange for real money but have a pending time quite long.

2. Tongits Zingplay:

Tongits Zingplay tong its online application

This app is also a Tongits app that follows the beach and pool party concept and combines outstanding graphics, making players can’t resist this application.

For TOP2 is Tongits Zingplay, this name is also one of the big Tongits online games that are doing great in graphics and excellent works in gameplay. I bet you won’t miss out on this Tongits online App.

When begin to play Tongits online in Zingplay, the player will start to play Tongits till they reach level 7 to unlock all minigames. Meanwhile, the game has different Vip levels from 1 to 10 that require a high recharge.

3. Tongits apps – Tongits CO:

Tongits CO
Tongits CO tong its online application

Our spotlight is Tongits CO, an application that can earn real money have been released this March. The game combines luxury and the casino atmosphere bringing to the player a high elite class feeling while enjoying the game.

Overall the game now is TOP3 Tongits online and casino game, because it’s had a casino atmosphere that makes player feels attracted by how it looks. Instructions in every game, even if you’re new to the game, all you have to do is follow instructions and you will master it in a few days.

Diverse gameplay, freely experiences without any requirements.

Fastest transactions, everything happens in a blink of an eye. Whenever you make a transaction the game will immediately receive your information and start analyzing your request right away.

4. Tongits Master:

The last one, still follows the beach concept and cartoon. You can access to try out this app, it’s free to play.

With gameplay has a cartoon design and smooth sound effects brought to the player comfortable feelings while enjoying the game, Limitations of this Tongits app only have one playstyle of Tongits, which cost players a lot of Chips when entering one game.

This Tongits online app will let you have a little training for your Tongits knowledge because there are no instructions in the game. This App is totally made for expert players who want to challenge their skills with others people.

And there is your TOP4 Tongits Online Apps you can take a look at, hope you having a good time while enjoying those Tongits app. If you feel interested in Tongits CO, it’s free to download at the link below

Install the game now on App Store – Google Play
Free to play – Earn real money

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