Tongits Kingdom – New earn real money app for Filipino

Text Experience various casino games, decorations, hot girl, tongits, pusoy, lucky9, fruit slots, color game icons, and chips.

Tongits Kingdom is one of the newest casino apps in 2023. Until now, the app still received an enormous search volume from the gambling community.

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In today’s post, we will provide you with a complete guide on every feature of Tongits Kingdom and a detailed review of this casino app.

To have a clear view of Tongits Kingdom and understand every feature, make sure you will read till the end.


Tongits Kingdom is now leading the top casino app in the Philippines market with 2nd place on App Store, and they’ve received thousands of installations.

Their game collections are filled with baccarat and Slots online gameplay. The Tongits gameplay is for those who want to experience the traditional card game in the Philippines.

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Each of their games has many tables to join, and by creating much of tables, you will not have to wait to enjoy the gameplay. Everything is set.

Without other features, Tongits Kingdom is a place for earning money in the easiest way when you don’t need to recharge a lot of money to upgrade your VIP level.

But the least recharge amount considering high with the ratio of 1PHP for 1Coin, and the lowest amount you can cash in is 20PHP.

And their standard bet is 1Coin, not including any table fee or points calculation bonus.

For instance, if you recharge 20PHP into the Tongits Kingdom, it will have a low percentage that you can enjoy the rest of your day with that amount. A few games will make you run out of Coins.

These things work the same as Casino Plus PH, so playing Tongits Kingdom requires you must input a large amount of money.

That’s the basic information about Tongits Kingdom. We will move to the guide on several things in the app.


  • Enter your phone number & fill in the required information.
  • Get OTP
  • Input your OTP
  • Confirm
Text How To Cash Out Tongits Kingdom, guide on Tongits Kingdom payment methods and requirements.


  • Click Withdraw
  • Verify your withdrawal account by ID, License, or Passport
  • Choose the amount you want to cash out
  • Select the payment method & fill in the required information.
  • Confirm.

Payment Methods: Bank Transfer, Maya, and GCash.

The time you need to wait before the money arrives in your wallet or bank account is 5 minutes – 24 hours.

Omit, the cashout feature of Tongits Kingdom seems normal, but providing your private information like ID, License, and Passport never be a good way to cash out online.

Yet, you can choose to provide the least affect information that you can.

But if you consider this risk is too much for you, you can take part in many other options like:

  • Tongits CO
  • Tongits GO
  • Diamond Game
  • Aurora Game
  • Masaya Game
  • Etc.

In those options we give you, there is one casino app that we recommend for all viewers to take part in.

Tongits CO is the chosen one, and let me tell you why you should join Tongits CO.


Unlike the Tongits Kingdom app, Tongits CO has its way of creating a convenient place for participants to earn real money daily.

Creating an account in Tongits CO by clicking on optimal options like Facebook, Guest, or Apple ID.

Text Experience various casino games, decorations, hot girl, tongits, pusoy, lucky9, fruit slots, color game icons, and chips.

The Tongits CO app owns countless casino games, including:

  • Pusoy
  • Sabong
  • Baccarat
  • Lucky9
  • Color Game
  • Etc.

With a plump game collection, Tongits CO satisfies every user’s need.

You can play Tongits CO all day when purchasing an enormous number of Chips at a reasonable price (20PHP = 300,000Chips).

After the experience, indeed, you will receive countless wins, then it’s time to cash out through GCash – Maya wallet with a few simple steps.

Pay attention that Tongits CO does not need you to provide any private information. Every transaction will process under your GCash or Maya number.

Customer support stays online 24/7. Any concern while participating in Tongits CO will be solved within minutes after you contact the system.

Your private information is safe, many games to play, and cash out with no limit. Those are the benefits you will receive when participating in Tongits CO.

Stop hesitating and click on the button below to discover the best casino app.