The most 5 profitable games in MCW Casino App

Every casino system has placed a specific win rate into several games of their collection, and Mcw Casino App doesn’t do differently. Besides the Mcw Casino site, there are countless websites you can partake like Casino Plus, Tongits Kingdom, and Phlwin, which we discuss in the previous post about the top 7 games to earn you profits on the Phlwin site.

Today, we will show you the most 5 profitable games in Mcw Casino app with a high win rate and payout. Ensure you read till the end to acknowledge what games you should pick the next time you enter the site.


Bingo Carnaval game in Mcw Casino app

Everyone who participates in casino sites loves to play Bingo, and Mcw Casino App is no exception. Its game collection owns many popular bingo playstyles that most people worldwide love to experience.

There are countless Bingo games on the MCW Casino site, but few bring a fine win rate to its participants, usually a low win rate. Bingo Carnaval is more advanced when having a 56% of win rate, which means that when you play 10 times, you will have the chance to win 5 or 6 of those plays.

This gameplay also brought much profit into several players’ pockets because of its simple play style.

4. EVO MEGABALL – MCW CASINO (72% win rate)

Mega ball game in Mcw Casino app

Megaball gameplay doesn’t differ much from Bingo, players will have to purchase a ticket to participate, and the special thing is at the end of every turn, the host will spin the wheel, and when it stops, your rewards will multiply several times. Mcw Casino app also has this type of gameplay in their game collection.

Casino players rate this game are the most straightforward game to play and gain massive profits for beginners. All you have to do is simply purchase a ticket or as much as you want, then wait for the results to show up.

Many newbies have tried this game at the start, and suddenly, the outcome was so oversized then they rest a long time after that.

3. MINES GAME – MCW CASINO (81% win rate)

Mine games

In the MCW Casino app, besides the most common game to play is Bingo, you can experience the Mines game which is related to the old fashion minesweeper.

The rules are simple, avoiding the mine and collecting all the points around it.

Many Youtubers and experts in this game have their own strategies to figure out where the mine was to avoid it till the end. You can discover several methods by searching “Mines Games Strategy” on several platforms like Youtube, Short, Google, etc.

This game is recognized as easy to play and win massively.

2. PLINKO (87% win rate)

If there is a game where the window of you getting a big win and exchanging all your rewards for real money, Plinko in the MCW Casino app is one of them.

The gameplay is simple, you will place your bet in each ball you drop into the board, and depending on where they land, you will gain profits equivalent to the results.

Of how simple it’s, many newbies also choose this game to begin their journey with the website and gain profits daily through it.

1. JILI GO RUSH – MCW SITE (90% win rate)

Plinko isn’t the only gameplay in the Mcw Casino app that has a high payout for its participants. Rush is the king of a big win in the short term.

Rush gameplay revolves around betting on how far the rocket can go, and make profits out of it. The 90% win rate speaks for itself, no matter how new you’re to this game, you surely will win at least x2 your betting amount.


Despite the win rate of these games, you must search for the right place to experience them, in this case, the Mcw Casino app. Look through the full guide on how to start your gambling journey in MCW Casino and earn yourself some daily profits.