5+ things you need to know before entering Casino Plus games.

Text Things you need to know when partake Casino Plus PH, decoration logo Casino Plus and Chips.

Online casinos are one of the popular game categories that obtained hundreds of thousands of search volumes in the Philippines these days. Casino Plus is also included in the casino games category. Besides Casino Plus are PHLWin, Tongits Kingdom, MCWCasino, and a lot of them.

Finding the place to experience casino games is easy, but identifying it as a legit and high-paying site or app is tricky. There are many reports about users being scammed or having bad experiences just after they recharge to the game.

Bad experiences can include the silence of customer support, losing consistency, cash-out rejecting, lagging site or application, and much more.

Text Things you need to know when partake Casino Plus PH, decoration logo  Casino Plus and Chips.

Despite the widespread of Casino Plus, this casino site frequently received many complaints from its users. 

In this post, we will cover the top 5 things you need to know before entering Casino Plus games to help you save more time on choosing the right casino app or site.

Stick to the end to discover this casino site in more detail.


Nowadays, providing private information through Internet platforms could include an email address, phone number, and full name. However, these pieces of information don’t specifically identify an individual. But when you participate in Casino Plus, it will be a different story.

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When registering an account on the Casino Plus site, the site will require you to provide emails and phone numbers like many other casino sites.

Afterward, you need to recharge your balance before beginning to play any games, from here, you will need to provide the information of your payment method. 

Several payment methods of Casino Plus:

  1. GCash
  2. Paymaya
  3. Bank Transfer

But before you process to withdraw your cash into your wallet or bank, you must provide the most vital information, your ID – License – Passport, to unlock the cashout feature.

By doing all that, your whole information is provided to the site without asking you to do it.


This is true inside Casino Plus, whether you’re playing it through the site or on an app because the game collection of Casino Plus is based on whoever wants to experience the game on their own and place their bets on fortune.

Only play with the Dealer, no PVP mode in Casino Plus. Decoration logo Casino Plus, Chips, Casino background.

You won’t find any kind of game like Tongits. The game brings the competitiveness between three players, creating multiple moments that make you dive in joyfully.

Or Pusoy, four players playing against each other to have the highest bonus points to win a game and celebrate their victory. A superior win in Pusoy is the primary thing that makes the game popular.

Everything will surround by betting games, where you play alone and fully bet on a fortune because you can’t win with your skill, no matter how good it is.


As we said, when cash out with Casino Plus, the game will need you to provide your vital information, and that is just one of the issues you will receive when cash out in the Casino Plus site/app.

Besides that, you will cash out based on their withdrawal limit. Based on your VIP level, the amount you can cash out per month or week will be different, which means, if you want to cash out more, you must enhance your VIP level regardless.

Cash out guide in Casino Plus PH, logo Casino Plus, decoration icons and information.

And you will have to accept their withdrawal fee, this also depends on how high your VIP levels are, and if you are the lowest, the percentage can be up to 2,5%.

For instance, if you withdraw 500PHP based on your minimum cash-out amount, you will lose 12PHP each time you process a transaction.

The withdrawal fee is understandable in many other casino sites/apps, but compared to the casino market, 2,5% is the highest withdrawal fee so far.


Despite all the disadvantages of Casino Plus Games, the site/app is still a new face in the casino market. We can have faith in the game, that through time, they will have the right solution to provide their users with the best quality.

However, till now, Casino Plus as much feedback from its audiences and users, the app doesn’t have a reputation among many casino games fans.

Some Youtubers and Bloggers assume that the Casino Plus site/app is one of the biggest scams in the casino categories, perhaps, it could be right. But when we look objectively, the site/app merely needs more time to improve and become the perfect casino playground as many participants expected.


Through this post, we can identify that Casino Plus PH, until now, is still one of the most popular casino playgrounds for the Philippines audiences, but to participate, users must have faith and accept the risk of leaking information. But to experience a casino playground, Casino Plus isn’t the only choice. Tongits CO is also the perfect puzzle for your requirements when letting you partake in various casino games but cash out directly without any fee through GCash – Maya wallet.

If you are curious, check out the top 10 reasons why you should give it a shot, and discover the tongits app for GCash post for more information.