LAROPAY – Sale chips up to 100% for card game players.

LAROPAY – Recharge with attractive extra chips

Laropay refferal code receive massive Chips

What’s Laropay?

LAROPAY is a high reputation online card game portal that has collaborated with many popular applications. If you’re feeling struggling when keep searching for your favorite games on App Store – Google Play because there are so many applications.

This card game portal is what you need to look forward to because all the card games you know or have been searching for are all inside it.

Besides owning all the card games, it’s also an assistant for your recharge/withdrawal through GCash. When you recharge with this game portal the chips you receive will be bigger than use SHOP in Tongits CO.

Upcoming is the collaboration between this game portal with Tongits GO, Tongits Zingplay, and many popular applications that were dominated in App Store – Google Play market.

With the help of the best game portal, you can minimize your time for recharge or exchange a lot. For example, when you want to recharge or exchange to the game, you have to watch the instructions and follow exactly those steps, but with LAROPAY helps, everything seems easier.

Recharge details:

When recharging on the website, go along with the basics Chips you will receive. It will give you extra Chips depending on how much you’re recharging.

Recharge with SHOP:

20P = 300,000Chips

50P = 750,000Chips

Recharge with LAROPAY:

20P = 300,000Chips + 34,000Chips

50P = 750,000Chips + 85,000Chips

Besides applying bonus Chips for any purchase prices on LAROPAY, we also have an attractive deal for you by entering “Shop” select “Best Deal” to receive a massive Chips and a bonus gift.

After you finish reading this post maybe you already know the right way to recharge and receive massive bonus Chips, so don’t hesitate. Go to the site and recharge now!

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Install the game now on App Store – Google Play
Free to play – Earn real money

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