MAYA – The best wallet is available in Tongits CO

Maya wallet is now available in the Tongits CO app

Maya is recognized as the best wallet in the Philippines besides GCash. If GCash wallet helps you in Shopping online, Buying Game Credits, Bank transfers, and many other features to make your life easier.

Likewise, the Maya wallet will provide the same features and money management as the GCash wallet. The app also can increase your income monthly through many investing features.

And now the Maya wallet has been attached in Tongits CO to support cash-in and cash-out transactions.

This information is good news for IOS users because when you process cash out with the Maya application, it will protect you from several errors you may have when cash out with the GCash wallet.

Today, Tongits CO has prepared a fascinating event for those who pick Maya to cash in. An enormous bonus is a guarantee when you decide to cash in with the Maya wallet.

Let us describe the event & how you can participate in it now inside the Tongits CO app, let’s go.


Maya event
Maya event now exists in Tongits CO

The event is now on the news of Tongits CO, and you can see it when you access the app. In the most intelligible way, when you cash in with Maya wallet, you will receive a bonus based on the total amount you decide to put in.

For example, with the 50Pesos, when you cash in with an SMS message, you only receive 150,000Chips in the app.

But with the assistance from the Maya app, you were able to receive 750,000Chips, so the total amount you get is 750,000Chips with only 50Pesos.

And after playing several games from traditional card games to diverse betting playstyles, you allow to cash out for real money.

We have prepared instructions on how to cash out from tongits here, don’t mind accessing the link and watching the tutorial.


What are you waiting for? Join Tongits CO and participate in the event now!

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