POKER ONLINE – the best variant pokers can’t resist.


Poker is a family of comparing card games in which players wager over which hand is best according to that game’s rules in ways similar to these rankings.

These days, many organizations have created more variant gameplay for Poker, and Tongits CO is one of many card game apps that decides to put two new ways to play Poker into the application.

Top 4 poker online gameplay

Today we will discuss every variant gameplay of Poker and the two Poker versions that Tongits CO has put into the app.


This Poker online gameplay is the easiest one, and players who are new to the game can start to play & learn about Poker.

The game is based on the basic rules of Poker by comparing your hands to dealers & the results will depend on your hand it’s whether winning or lose.

3CARDPOKER - Play poker online in the easiest way.
3CARDPOKER – Play poker online in the easiest way.

The difference in 3CARDPOKER is players only have three cards & have to compare those cards with the Dealer.

Bet system full of attractive bonuses, the game allows players freely bet and receive massive Chips bonuses with 3CARDPOKER.


HongkongPoker is one of the most attractive ways to play poker online, and the game uses decks of 52 cards allowing players to raise their bet any time they want till they got enough 5 cards in hand.

Hongkongpoker - Intense poker online gameplay
Hongkongpoker – Intense poker online gameplay

The gameplay is intense from the beginning to the end, the playstyle matches with players who want to become an expert in Poker and play Poker with many strategies/tactics.

You should try this version of Poker, and we guarantee you will become a good Poker player shortly.

3. Texas Hold’em:

Texas Hold’em is currently the most popular variant of the Poker version. If you can find a card room or website that offers poker games, Texas Hold’em will surely be the featured game with a wide selection of tables and stakes for players to choose from.

Texas Hold'em gameplay
Texas Hold’em gameplay

Hold’em is an easy game to both learn and improve at. The sheer popularity of the game has caused there to be many informational sources (videos, books, articles) that give strategic insights into the game after one learns the basics (which are already relatively straightforward).

4. Omaha Hi:

This game plays exactly like Texas Hold’em, but with one tiny difference: 4 hole cards instead of 2 are dealt with each player. Players still try to make the best 5-card hand as before but must use 2 of their 4-hole cards and only 3 of the 5 community cards at showdown.

Because players are dealt more cards at the start of each hand, making a good hand becomes much easier in this game, as the number of 2-hole card combinations increases by 6!

Omaha Hi Poker gameplay
Omaha Hi gameplay

If you already know Texas Hold’em this game is easy to learn, as there are numerous similarities between the two. Strategically speaking, because it will be much easier to make a good hand in PLO, typically hands at showdown will be higher than those found in Texas Hold’em.

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