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How to play Pusoy?


The PUSOY is a game combination of strategy and luckiness, to play well as Pusoy you need good knowledge of Pusoy Arrangements and good observation to select the best hand

Pusoy Rules

Each player starts with 13cards in hand and arranges them in a combination. Separate 3 hands of cards, the arrangements will follow the instructions:

Pusoy arrangements in Tongits CO online app

The Lowest Combination (3 cards)

Second Largest Combination (5 cards)

Highest-Combination (5 cards)

+ Suit Order:

From lowest to highest, clubs (♣), spades (♠), hearts (♥), and diamonds (♦), with the 2♦ being the highest card and the 3♣ the lowest.

+ Pusoy Card Combinations:

Various types of card combinations can be used in play.

Single Card (High-card): Cards rank from A (highest) to 2(lowest). Between rank of cards, card suit also decides who wins. Ex: A♦ beat A♥

Pair: A pair of equally ranked cards, besides rank of cards. The suit also decides who wins. Ex: 7♥-7♦ beat 7♣-7♠

Two-Pair: Have 2 pairs, each pair equally ranked cards. Ex: 7♥-7♦-8♥-8♦.

Three of a kind: Three equally ranked cards.

*Five-card hand combination:

Royal Flush: Jack to 2 with the same suit.

Straight Flush: Any Straight cards with the same suit.

Four of a kind: 4 cards of a kind plus any additional card/high-card.

Full House: Any three cards of the same number with any two cards of the same number.

Flush: Any 5 cards with the same suit.

Straight: 5 cards in consecutive order.

*Rank every combination from highest to lowest:

Royal Flush –> Straight Flush –> Four of a kind –> Full house –> Flush –> Straight –> Three of a kind –> Two-pair –> Pair –> High-card

*Receive Special Wins when having

Royal Flush

Three Flushes: Have 3 Flush in hand

The Six Pair: Have 6 Pairs in hand

Three Straights: Have 3 Straights in hand

Scoring & Special Wins

You get bonus points for beating another player’s hand and vice versa

When you beat 3 hands of a player, you will hit Pusoy on them give -3points to that player and you receive 3points.

*Special Wins when you beat 3 hands of all players, every player receives -15points. Ex: Beat 3 hands of 3 players, each player receives -15points and you receive 45points.

Pusoy Gameplay

This is Pusoy in Tongits CO runs, watch till the end of the video to understand how to play. Enjoy it!


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