REFERRAL CODE – this is how to improve your income.


1. What is a Referral code:

When a player enters Tongits CO, each player owns one ref code. The codes are different from other accounts.

This code can use for many activities like receiving gift codes, writing down information to participate in in-game events, giving to other players to connect with them, etc.

One ref code can connect to many accounts and the one is the owner of the ref code can track their member through the Laropay card game portal. You can earn massive Chips by giving your code to other players, want to know how? We will discuss this at the end of this post.

We have created an event that may make you want to start giving your code to more friends/family. With the prize of up to 10,000Pesos for those who successfully invited 5 people into the Tongits CO app by their ref code.

2. Events Detail:

Share your ref code with your friends and receive 10,000Pesos when successfully inviting your friends/family with your ref code.

Invite friends receive 10,000Pesos

Amount of players you need to invite is five players to match the requirement for this event. You also can invite more to receive massive Chips.

3. Optimizing Referral Code:

Announce to you there’s a way to earn more Chips in Tongits CO after your ref code has been linked to other accounts.

Make sure your account and other accounts have linked to your ref code and stay active, winning as much as possible.

Referral code tracking board

The more you and your linked accounts win, the more Chips you’ll receive when they win while playing card games in Tongits CO.

Those are the ways to optimize the code features from Laropay to Tongits CO. We hope these tips will bring more benefits while you go in the long-term with Tongits CO. Stacks your chips and exchanges real money in the Tongits CO app now!

For more information about events & gameplay, here!

Share your referral code now to receive massive Chips!

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