SABONG ONLINE – the reason to explore sabongcards now!


The Sabong online gameplay is placing a bet on live cock fighting, and it’s an established tradition in the Philippines. The gaming activity is essentially by placing two roosters/cocks in an arena and betting on which one between the two comes out victorious.

New way to play Sabong Online
A new way to play Sabong Online

This type of game is quite popular in many countries now, and many card game applications have started to create a lot of variant gameplay based on the traditional way.

Tongits CO is one of the first ones who created variant gameplay called “SabongCard” it’s still keeping the placing bet parts but instead of watching those cock/roaster fighting, the card will decide the results.

1. Why should you play Sabong Card – Sabong Online?

The first reason is instead of placing a bet & watching the fight between two cock/roasters full of intense. With this new way to enjoy Sabong online, you only need to place your bet, and the card will decide the results.

This gameplay will match those who want to play the game in a “Relaxing” mode.

Turn on relaxing mode when playing Sabong Online
Turn on your relaxing mode

It’s different when you play the traditional gameplay of Sabong because it will help you to have no more intense and stressful feelings when you keep watching the cock fight time by time again.

The second reason is there’s always another way to enjoy the game you have been playing for a long time, so why not give yourself a chance to go for it?

2. Where to find SabongCard?

You can click the button below that matches your device to install Tongits CO and experience the new way to play Sabong.

Experience Sabong online through the Tongits CO app.
Experience SabongCard – Only in Tongits CO

To know more about the rules & gameplay we have prepared, click here!

Many players are now playing SabongCard, and it’s time for you to join. Install Tongits CO now! Experience a new way to enjoy the traditional game.

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