TONG ITS ONLINE – compete with the best tongits app?

Text The Comparison, logo Tongits CO and Tong its online. The background is a combination of chips with cards.


Today we bring up another comparison between the two best tongits apps that are easy to relate to long-term tongits players. This comparison is full of objectivity between these two apps. Now let’s get into it.

Text The Comparison, logo Tongits CO and Tong its online. The background is a combination of chips with cards.

Tong its online is the most popular card game app back to 2019 when it was just released, but the domination in the card game app categories was not last long because many apps launched after that.

On the opposite to Tong its online, Tongits CO’s launch has received many card game players’ welcome based on the differences created by it.

Both of these apps allow players to withdraw real money & follow the luxury concept, but why Tongits CO is considering having a little bit better than Tong its online, we’ll figure this out right below.

1. Tong its online has a limited number of games:

The thing to create an un-bored card game app is to apply many popular card games besides the primary gameplay, these days couple of apps have recognized this critical thing and starting to add more of them.

Text Never Bored in Tongits CO with 2 images Tong its online and Tongits CO main menu.

This tongits app owns four card games with Tongits included, compared with many card game apps, this has been a weak performance of Tongits online.

Tongits CO owns many popular card games, from traditional gameplay to global card games. Players who enter this app is allowed to freely experiences many card game, from the easiest to the hardest & competitive way.

2. Withdraw instruction available in Tongits CO:

The primary thing between these two applications is they both allow players to withdraw, but to find the instructions on how to cash out from Tongits online is extremely hard.

Text Make real money with Tongits CO. Tongits CO's main menu highlight exchange feature.

Explore the effortless way to cash out with the best tongits app by searching on Youtube/Facebook, and the instructions always are there waiting for the player to come.

3. Freely recharge in many different ways:

Text Experience recharge in many ways with 3 icons of GCash, SMS, and Laropay.

GCash is the king of e-wallets in the Philippines & a friend of many card game apps. GCash will allow you to withdraw/recharge freely with high secure information.

Unfortunately, Tongits online-only allows its players to recharge with Google Play & does not cooperate with GCash, a big missing part.

Those are the things we think have made Tongits online unattractive, and we want to hear from viewers what you think about this comparison.

Meanwhile, Tongits CO still welcomes more & more players to join with many fascinating events waiting for you guys at the main door, don’t hesitate to install the game now!

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