TONGITS CO ONLINE – the highest level of tongits app


Since Tongits CO’s online release, it has gotten the attention of card game players based on how the graphics, background music, sound effects, and playstyles are perfectly level.

Tongits CO online application
The best tongits app in the Philippines

When saw the app for the first time most players will be amazed by the luxury casino concept that the game has built whiches most apps can’t do. Owning almost all popular games and traditional Philippines games included.

Today we’ll describe the spotlights inside of Tongits CO online and compare them with other apps.

1. Luxury Tongits co online & simple gameplay:

Maybe you feel a little bored when kept playing the same concept that all card game apps these days follow up. Maybe our appearance will change your thought.

Tongits CO online - luxury casino graphics
Luxury casino graphics that can’t resist.

Our application follows the casino concept, meaning when you enter the game will spot the luxurious feelings in everything you interact with.

Everything inside the gameplay is lean on the most realistic casino rules. About how the gameplay works, you will feel like you’re inside a real casino house.

2. TONGITS CO ONLINE – GAMEPLAY detail instructions:

Game instructions are the most important thing that all card game apps these days should work in the right way. For a new player to understand the gameplay as fast as possible.

Tongits CO online - Luxury graphics
Tongits CO – Diverse game modes, freely experiences

We surveyed all games of the same genre and realize many apps still missing some key steps for the new player to know about the gameplay.

Our app was going detailed in the instructions to help the new player who went to the game for the first time will have good knowledge about the gameplay.

3. Friendly community with world connection:

Besides upgrading players’ experience every day, we also do care about the game community. The game isn’t connected only to the Philippines but also can connect to other countries. This will help all players easily find a foreign friend.

A ton of events/activities have been created on our fan page and group to keep the fun of our lovely players, you might want to check it out.

With all of the care, we have discussed in this post, we believe you may have an idea to join now. So don’t consist, and start to click on the link we add down below. Install the game to experiment with the most luxury card game right now!


Install the game now on App Store – Google Play
Free to play – Earn real money

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