TONG ITS ONLINE – the tongits app that can’t resist.


Since the beginning, the card game players knew Tongits CO as a card game application that allowed players to withdraw and enjoy many popular card games. And during the game release, many outstanding features have created and applied to Tongits CO.

The Tongits CO features are easy to use and familiar to card game players but to keep the satisfaction of players consistently up high, this tongits app always creates new things for players to explore and feel joyful.

Recently, this tongits app has launched the view&bet features that allow players to spectate a match and bet on the player that the users think will win to receive several Chips.

Today, we would like instructions to our Tongits CO players about utilizing the view&bet features to earn more chips and withdraw real money from this tongits app.

This feature is one of the best features in this app. Users will enter the table as spectators and bet on which players will win in that game.

How to View&Bet in Tong its online:

View&Bet features are now applied only in Tong its online game, and it’s easy to find when clicking into the Tongits sections.

The way View&Bet works are effortless by spectating and betting on the player you think will win.

There are two scenarios of this feature:

WIN: When the player you bets win the game

LOSE: When the player you bets loses the game.

These features are familiar with others card games but instead of betting on SabongCard or Baccarat, now you bet on a live player trying to win a game.

Another particular thing you might want to know is the View&Bet features only exist in this app, the best Tong its online app.

Experience it by yourself, install the best tongits app now!

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