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Every game has different currencies, which use for many purposes. For example, players are used to upgrading utilities, buying items, exchanging/withdrawing, etc.

In many applications, there’s one of the biggest mistakes that many applications fell for is giving players so many currencies. That mistake suddenly led the players to get fully confused and didn’t know which one to use for what kind of purposes.

To have a closer look at what we discussed today, we’ll introduce to you some Tongits apps that have made those mistakes and the one we think has the best currencies system for you.

1. Tongits app – Tongits GO:

Tongits GO

Tongits GO has been the top application that dominated the market and become the TOP1 card game in the Philippines.

Besides those fascinating points of Tongits GO, the currencies still made players who enter the game for the first time get confused a lot.

Three kinds of currencies that Tongits GO owns right now are Chips, Diamonds, and GoCoins.


Chips are used for a quick play in every game and can earn when winning games.

Diamonds are used for recharge Chips and create a private lobby to play with your friends/family.

GoCoins are the ones to redeem real money or buy a pass.


So many currencies, each time players want to use them, they will need to remind how vital those currencies are and wonder about the amount they got left. And do they have enough for the purpose they’re heading on because each currency serves a different purpose?

Overall Tongits GO is also one of the most “recommend to play”.

2. Tongits app – Tongits CO:

Tongits CO

Tongits CO follows the luxury casino concept, owning many popular card games besides a traditional game in the Philippines.

There’s only one currency is Chips which used for many purposes.

For example, quick play, creating a private table, exchange/withdrawal, and participating in many events.

Even the newest players will feel comfortable while enjoying the game because they already know Chips can use for any kind of purpose in Tongits CO.

That’s why many card game players decide to stay with this app from the beginning when it was released, and this is also the one we’ll recommend you to play.

3. Tongits app – Tongits Zingplay:

Tongits Zingplay

Zing play is one of the best card game portals owning a lot of card games like Poker, Pusoy, Sabong,…

There are two types of currency in Tongits Zingplay. Jades and Chips, and different currency used for different purposes.


Chips used to play games, and join daily Tournaments.

Jades used to create Family Table, Buy items, Vouchers in the shop and play big tournaments.


You may be confused in the first place because you still have to remember which currency is used for what purpose and use it right.

4. Recommend the best Tongits app:

If you don’t want to remember too many things about the currencies maybe you will consider Tongits Zingplay & Tongits CO.

But we recommend you to Tongits CO because of how easy the currencies system works.

Luxury casino graphics - Tongits app
Tongits CO app with luxury casino graphics

Besides can use your Chips for any purpose in the game, and you also can withdraw your Chips to redeem real money any time you love to.

Download the game and enjoy playing many popular card games in the luxury casino on your device, now!

Install the game now on App Store – Google Play
Free to play – Earn real money

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